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  1. @ firecracker hey man, I did some snooping and I'm getting another 512 ram and an Nvidia FX5700 for a little less than 200, so I'm good
  2. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=0TQPMWUHBEQSHYJ6 that's my hunk of junk right there. I'm getting like 200 bucks (CAN) for my birthday in like in weeks. I can play games like call of duty ok, on lower to mid settings. just looking for something a little more. Not looking to play doom 3 much or serious graphic intensive games. It's either gonna be the ram or get myself a mid range Nvidia Graphics card, at least that's what I think...
  3. k I was just wondering, I want to do a lil upgrade to my pc... but I'm poor. however I do have enough money to buy some ram. I know whta ram I'm getting and all the little details and such. and all I want to know is.. will upgrading from 512mb to 1 gig make a big differance or a barely noticable one, in regards to gaming thanks your friend DA noob
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