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    A780GM-A V1.1, Amd 7750 duo core 2.7 Ghz oc to 3,4gigs drr2 1066,4850 vid card, 2seagate 500 gig raid 0,850 ultra ps...vista64
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  1. a mouth or two a go iwas putting in a flash drive in my front usb jack,bam static shock no more pc end the life of my mb,did the same thing yours is doing now.just my two cents
  2. i had this problem with a dlink router,got a linksys than no more problem,what is was i don`t know
  3. oldpile


    is there away to play pokerstars on the ps3
  4. are you useing ie7 or fire fox,if you are you just close tab not the x in the upper right corner
  5. samething happen to me after i installed messenger 8, i uninstalled it, reinstalled 7.5 and everything work fine again
  6. with just the cpu and ram in unplug,pull batt out hook up monitor put batt back
  7. hold down ctrl and spin mousewheel
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