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  1. I was wondering who might be paying attention to that. I'm not sure I want to admit it but that indeed, is a picture of me. I made that years ago with some "Billy-Bob" teeth and a pair of those nerdy glasses. What's that matter, you don't like my picture?
  2. Thanks, I will check that out. Up till now, I have been using ASUS's "SmartDoctor" to overclock my video card. This morning, I was playing with it using my old CRT and I got some pretty good video scores, up near 300, with a total pit score around 1865. But, as is my nature, I kept playing and it kept getting lower and lower. And of course, I over-wrote that good score. It's okay though, I am back on my LCD and just glad to have the system I have. You know what is funny though, just for kicks, I did a pit test without setting up for it. I have the Tivo service running and my Internet radio on in the background along with Diskeeper running and Outlook open while I had a couple Explorer pages open all while I ran a check and my pit score wasn't that much lower. I built this thing to be more stable than fast so I am happy with it. I really enjoy checking out all the cool stuff you guys do and I learn little tweaks here and there. And I really appreciate all the help you guys share. This is an excellent forum. Thank you all so much.
  3. The CRT was not the answer. I forgot I had an old CRT in the closet that was capable of some fairly high resolutions, much higher than this LCD will do. An it also supported refresh rates up to 85Hz. I tried various combinations and was able to nudge my video score up a tad but not significantly. And it seemed to lower my disk score for some reason. Bottom line is, I just don't think this system is going to break the 2000 mark. I can come close but that's it. I tried shutting off system restore as I noted some people have done. I have tried a few other things like killing every process that I don't need, everything but eliminating the paging file. This system 'does' seem to do it's job well. I can process and render video files pretty darn quick which is my goal. It may be that the pitstop tests don't adapt well to what my system does. How about "boot-up" time. I wonder if that is a good test of system speed. I can do a totally cold boot and open Outlook in 40 seconds. I can wake up from hybrination in under 20 seconds. I don't know how those times would compare to some of the real speedy systems here but I sure enjoy looking at all the stuff you guys build here.
  4. Thanks, and come to think of it, I, too, have a CRT in the closet and it has a much higher resolution than this LCD does. If I have time, and if the contest isn't over, maybe I'll pull that sucker out this saturday and hook it up and see what it does.
  5. Yes, I would think so but, I opted for the INTEL motherboard for durability, compatability, and longevity. The Intel board is not suited for overclocking except for the little bump I can give it with Intel's Desktop control Center. I built a similar computer for my son except in it, I use and Asus P4P800 motherboard because I know my son would be more interested in being able to OC the thing. I want extreme reliability but I just expected a little higher results from my choice of components. I have looked at a number of test results from others who have tested here and the only real differences besides mine being at stock speed are the video aspects. For one, I don't see anyone using an FX 5700 except one person with an FX 5700 Ultra. The other aspect that I am suspecting is that I am using a very old monitor. This monitor is a 1999 vintage original 15" LCD. One of the earliest Viewsonic VeiwPanel VG150. It is limited to 1024x768 and 60Hz refresh rate. I have to wonder how much of an increase I would see if I bought a more modern monitor, especially since my video card does have a DVI output. I have been thinking about a new DVI 17" LCD. It's just that I haven't seen anyone remark about whether a monitor itself would affect PIT scores. Any thoughts on this?
  6. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EAYKMWCS3PRSSQM6 Hello, I'm new at this and I am a bit perplexed as to why I can't get a higher pit score out of this machine. I just built it last summer and I thought I used some pretty good components. I don't do much gaming, actually none on this machine as I built it for editting video and making DVDs. I went with the Intel motherboard because I wanted total reliability and compatabililty and I had very good luck with my last build using an Intel board for my PIII. I am a bit concerned over two of my ratings. First the processor score which I expected to be better and my video score. I thought I was buying a good video card as the name all over the box was "V9570" but as it turns out, it is a "FX 5700". Just now, I downloaded and installed the latest driver for it from ASUS but it still doesn't show up as performing very well. I know a clean install would probably help even though this was a clean generic install last summer but since then, the accumulation of bloat, which normally occurs, has taken its toll. I am just wondering if there is any other obvious tweaks that I can do to help my performance besides peeling down my running processes. I have it pretty lean right now but I would like to know if there is anything else that would help my system encode video faster. Any suggestions are quite welcome, thanks. Derf
  7. Derf's Box - Final test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EAYKMWCS3PRSSQM6 pit score = 1805 w/stock settings +8%=? vid = 288 mem = 812 disk = 146 Int = 100 P4 3.2 @ 3200 w/AIR cooling just did routine maintenance & defragging all settings returned to default or "stock"
  8. Derf's box *re-test* http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EAYKMWCS3PRSH4T6 Pit Score 1810 P4 3.2E @ 3253 modified air mem = 812 ; video = 280 ; disk = 154 ; Int = 100 Kicked it up a notch with Intel's "Desktop Control Center" FSB = 816 & mem = 408 nice little utility, never used it before
  9. Derf's box http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EAYKMWCS3PRSEQT6 pit score = 1799 P4 3.2E @ 3200 modified AIR
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