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  1. well after it locking up i tried many restarts..did not help.. but i hit the reset on the computer case and it resarted but went into disc check mode..when it was done all is well now..speed on the net is back to its old self...
  2. Hello all..I am running window XP with 1gig of memory..2- 37 gig raptor drive..I have ran adaware..good Spybot..good AVG..good...defraged...goodThe computer runs fine with in it self..when i check my mail it runs fine..But when i go on the web in takes forever..I have 6m down..and 512 up..just to get to a page..any page it take about 3 min. I have tried to run the PC test but it stops at a point where its39% checking the drive...I ran a speed test..it was great up and down...Any ideas what might be the cause..Thanks for your time...Drew
  3. Thanks for the info indy
  4. Ok thanks for the info
  5. Hello all..I have checked to see if my XP Firewall is on and when i click on it to see it says (Due to unidentified problem Windows cannot display windows Firewall setting).. Any ideas what might cause this..i sure would like to make sure it is on...Thanks for your time...Drew
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