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  1. I have two monitors hooked up to my laptop. Each monitor is set to 1280x1024, with my laptop being at 1280x800. My question is if it is possible to force my laptop's resolution to be 1280x1024 through some artificial means. The way I have it set up is shown in this image: http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/8499/desktopavo.jpg What I am really asking for is a program that allows me to force the laptop's resolution to fill the red square in the image. I want the extra 224 pixels missing from the top to be simply missing, or just maybe enable me to scroll my screen by moving my mouse to the top.
  2. I have a laptop that is in dire need of reformatting. I have a Windows XP Pro cd that I used to format my desktop's harddrive the other day when I was doing a fresh reinstall. My question is, will reformatting the laptop with the XP cd work? The problem with my desktop was that upon reformatting, some of the drivers were missing (onboard sound card, network card, graphics). I am worried that the drivers may be wiped for the laptop as well if I use that CD. I don't exactly know how Windows handles the whole power management for laptops and if that requires a special version of XP. Thanks in advance.
  3. If it helps, I was monitoring CPU usage. When playing a certain game, the CPU usage would be at 40-50%, but when the spike occurs, the CPU usage goes to about 70-80 for a few seconds, and the culprit seems to be the individual game, always consuming the most CPU at the time of the spike. Could this be a GPU issue then EDIT: When the spikes occur, the system idle processes CPU usage cuts in half while the game's usage nearly doubles.
  4. Whenever I open up a 3D game, my laptop's performance goes to crap every minute or so. For example, I am playing a game getting 80+ fps, and then suddenly the fps would drop to maybe 5 for about 5 seconds, and then it would go back to 80+. This continues forever until I am sick of playing like that. I originally thought this was an overheating issue, but it doesn't seem to be the case. The fps spikes occur almost a minute after opening a game. I was looking for a solution and came across issues people were having with their CPUs throttling themselves every minute, which seems to be what is happening to me. I do not know how to prevent this from happening though. I run my laptop plugged in whenever gaming and have the latest drivers. I also make sure it is set to high performance mode whenever plugged in as well. Windows Vista Home Premium AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ~2.2GHz 3070GB Ram ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 Latest drivers installed and other good stuff. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I also have a nice cooler on its way from newegg in case overheating actually is the issue. I need one anyway
  5. Before I get a new dual head graphics card, I had a quic question. My PC has a vga port where my integrated "card" is and I have another vga port on my current card. Could I plug in a monitors into both of those ports and get a dual-screen setup like that, or would both screens mirror on another?
  6. My processor has this closed green box (its a dell dimension 4700, so some might know what it is) over my CPU's heatsink. The other end of the box opens to the only fan in my pc (excluding the PSU fan). I think this may be a problem, as this is the fan that's supposed to provide ventilation for my case, but the only thing getting ventilation is the CPU because of said green box. The only other type of ventilation for the rest of the parts is a few tiny holes at the back. Could this cause over-heating issues? My graphics card has a stock heatsink, and after long hours of playing a game, I can open my case to a wave of heat that has nowhere to go because of the green box covering the fan. The box is easily removable, but I have not done so yet as I'm not sure if there is a possible consequence from removing it? If I remove it, all that should happen is that my entire case gets ventilation instead of just my processor... What do you guys think?
  7. Yea I also lowered my system restore usage and cleaned out my temp files. As for the manufacturer recovery partitions, shouldn't they be installed from the moment my pc comes out of the box? Because I think I remember my disk usage being somehwere around 5-8 gigs when I first powered on my pc...
  8. Well I've been putting this up for a long time and am finally trying to do something about it. I have been getting close to the end of my space on my hard drive (about 10 gigs out of 80 gigs left) and I trtied to delete some things and defragment and other general maintenence things to clear up some space. The thing is, I am usually very neat when it comes to organizing my files and I never leave something installe don my PC if its not going to be used, so there weren;t many things to delete. After doing a bunch of things, I managed to go form 10 gigs to 15 gigs. What is using all my space? I checked the Program Files folder where all my prgrams are stored and the folder is only 20 gigs large! I have at least 40 gigs somehwere about my pc being used by something or other. Is there another fairly large folder where windows or other programs like to store files? What else can I do to free up most, if not all of that? Thanks for the help.
  9. Well I booted up my computer to find this messege: Error Messege Isn't it ironic? (also, I would like to get this fixed... how could I do so?)
  10. I have already done that, and have removed all parts of the codec manually. There is only one part left that keeps reappearing after I delete it...
  11. That was the first thing I tried. Any way to remove this through the registry? I was reading something earlier about removing the XVid codec through the registry, but I don't know what the Indeo codec is in the registry editor... EDIT: I found a list of all the files the Indeo Codec installs into the /windows/system32 folder and I have removed all of them. The codec is no longer on the list of video codecs BUT one of the files does not want to delete! The file named iyuv_32.dll is being stubborn. When I try to delete it, it goes into the recycling bin and after about 5 seconds, it appears again in the system32 folder... Is there any way to permanently delete this?
  12. I am trying to remove the Indeo video codec I instaleld onto my pc, as it is interfering with some game I have. I am running Windows XP Home Edition. I go to start> control panel> sounds & audio devices> hardware> video codecs> properties and then I select the Indeo R.5.11 codec and click "remove" and it dissapears off the list. Now when I go back into the video codecs> properties tab I still see the codec there! I tried removing it, and then restarting my pc, but it still stays installed. There is no uninstall feature for this Indeo codec in add/remove programs and removing it with the method above does not work. ANy suggestion? Help is appreciated... EDIT: Scroll down to my last reply for more details
  13. Its a REFURBISHED: SAPPHIRE 100121 Radeon X700 128MB DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card - OEM REFURBISHED: Sapphire 100121 Radeon X700 128MB PCI Express x16 I've done research on this card and saw many battlefield 2 hardware guides and apparently, with settings on meduim to low, I can get some good frames per second... My decision on wether to buy this card or not rests on the shoulders of people who have this card or something extremely similar so they can recommend this or not... NOTE: IS THERE ANY OTHER CARD I COULD GET FOR BATTLEFIELD 2 ON A BUDGET OF $70 THAT RUNS BETTER THAN THE ONE ABOVE???? Thank you for your time. MY CURRENT SYSTEM SPECS Pentium 4 2.8 gigs 512 MB RAM 80 gig harddrive NOTE: I do not plan on upgrading any other component of my pc...
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