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  1. Truth be told ladies and gents, SP3 isn't much but just a roll up for all the up dates since SP2...and two things... NAP and some dirty vista like program that allows one not to put inthe product key for install.


    It gets released to autoupdates later in june. Its just on manual updates - one going to the site in order to get updates- at the moment.

  2. I would suggest AdAware personal version, run a full check.


    Turn on your pop-up blockers... IE and Firefox have them enabled by default


    Reboot the computer in safe mode, and run the scans there.


    ALSO try and run a PC PIT STOP full tests test, and reply with the results if possible before and after you do the scans.


    btw... Welcome to the Pit!

  3. OK I sold my test/folding rig.. I have a 500 or so budget.


    I want a wolfdale 3gHz. - 200 at the egg

    x2 2gb ram kit- eventually go to 8gb. - 70-120 at the egg


    mobo... no idea what supports wolfdale right out of the box.. i don't want to screw around with bios reflash etc.

    Id like to OC pretty good... I have a MASSIVE cooler from ZEROtherm and it sure moves air. SLI...Yeah...better do SLI. Thats a future thing too... along with a better PSU.

  4. Mostly all drivers in my experience can be had for linux in a snap, google and ubuntu forums are great assests.


    As for x64 or x86... If your machine is x64, do it. My desktop was screaming with it!

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