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  1. There should be an uninstaller if you go to start> programs. If there isnt, then just manually delete it right from the program files.


    then if you really want to clean it up ccleaner is an excellent clean up tools.


    What part of Iowa are you in? Im in Omaha, NE; and have family all over in Iowa.


    Keep us updated if you have any issues or questions.

  2. http://xceed-software-inc.software.informer.com/






    List of programs that xceed software developes.


    Sounds like your friend should no longer be your friend.


    I agree with law9933 on this one and wipe it and reinstall the OS on you own. Its fairly simple, just make sure you have the drivers to your computer. Being a dell go to www.support.dell.com and go to the download drivers section and enter in the service tag that is on the case of the computer. Download the drivers. There might be more than one, so might have to open the case up and find a label. If not well trial and error doesn't hurt anything, just uninstall if it doesn't work.


    Also, before you do anything. I would contact authorities ASAP. This guy could be stealing information from other people as well. This sort of illegal activity isn't taken lightely. In my opinion do NOT approach this friend about this. Go right to the authorities about it.


    Good luck, and if you have any questions keep it here in this thread so it can be tracked and responded too.

  3. My ASUS board i have to go in and say there is raid, then after post it'll give you a spot where you need to press ctrl+I or x i dont remember, then you go in there and "build" the RAID. There you want it to be stripe and either auto or default for sector size. Changing it to a larger or smaller has performance changes. Then you create the raid array and say is is active and your booting from it.


    XP - Then you boot onto your windows disk with the floppy in and press f6, load the drivers. then when you get into you should see only one drive with around 950gb of useable space, format it. I personally dont bother with parting out a raid0 array. Then your done.


    Vista - You dont need a floppy drive, yay!!! One thing i like about vista is that you can pull from a usb drive. Then load the drivers, format and gtg.


    Finding, and making sure it works, an imaging software to image your drives on raid0 is a must. I have 300gb of data, mostly games. And I tell you.... games + patches, all of the changes I have, MS updates, and then programs... is about a two day setup. Not fun.


    You SHOULD see your individual drives in BIOS. but in post and raid boot screen it should be like stripe array and size thats all. At least on mine it is like that.

  4. Dude your turning that into a personal attack which is pretty weak.


    Wireless devices on a computer are just an extra thing that goes wrong and the batteries have to be changed or charged up. Playing a game and your keyboard and mouse go out in a raid or comp will be awesome news to tell. It's a personal preference that was clearly noted before I began as well... thus the IMO. :)



    and no... while wifi, bluetooth, and other wireless devices connect on the same 2.4gHz frequency that isn't the topic.


    Also, your sprint card is cellular which is a totally different spectrum and another topic.


    Sorry for the use of the word that is a synonym of mental disability ... I guess that's a nono word now? ... I guess I'll have to choose the words to fit my expressions more wisely in the future.

  5. Nothing really worth it in there IMO.


    Windows search - slows computer down

    Bluetooth - having anything wireless on your computer is

    Blu-ray native recording - any recordin done in windows sucks

    WCN - hmmm could be useful...i dunno how much more simple you can get to connect to wifi that is secure tho.

    exFAT - i guess usefull for a business. Not many consumers would have any use for it.


    From what i read in the article is that it will add support for USB 3.0 as well.

  6. I had to stop due to power bill getting to be 70-80 a month since summer months were very warm and my apartment is like a hot box. See about getting back in here soon...


    Money is really pressed... hopefully ill be getting a full timer, maybe with General Dynamics if my buddy's pull works in my favour. I'll have a monster built and is more energy efficent, and my current rig folding- which is not energy efficent- then. Time will tell.

  7. You shouldnt have to copy the cd to your computer for one.


    If your having a problem with it not autorunning, then look for the setup.exe or find the .ini and see what it points at to start up the splash screen to install it.


    Before you do all of that... clean off everything that is WoW and start clean. I suggest running ccleaner to clean off temp files and then the reg scanner to clear off reg keys that didnt get cleaned off in the uninstall and etc. Just use the program defaults, that is sufficent enough.

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