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  1. Doing side jobs like this is nice in all... and so is cash. Always ask for cash.
  2. Yeah I'll hop over to Wally world and see if i can find a flat glass cutting board or something.
  3. Got me some materials yesterday...need to get some glass bit yet for a work surface. Anywho got me a multi pack with 400,600,800, and a 1000, then a pack of 2000... as well as some Eagle 1 metal polish. As that was all they had that didnt have a Polish AND XXXX I just wanted some polish!
  4. Since I got some new and much better bits for my computer...and knowing that the 3ghz wolfdale's are beastly.. I want to keep it cool and perform at its highest potential. So... why not lap right? Definitely not touching the chip....but I can afford to screw up on a heatsink. I have read that a few people have lapped their heatsinks and chips, I was just wondering it you had any tips....other than what I can dig up from search engines and the site. Thanks
  5. IE8 was pretty good Bruce... It exceeded my expectations by far. Im forced to use IE at work, so to know that it's decent is pretty sweet. mode isn't too bad of a setup either. lol Im a firefox guy myself... though FF3 seems a bit off from FF2...
  6. The fun really begins once I get my second drive this weekend... lil raid0 action for the laptop. I love the blue lights on the lid... i could do without the one around the touch pad though. My old laptop was well used...so I had that layout memorized... being a completely different keyboard(full size with 10key) typing is a pain! I might put up windows 7 on it... but not too sure yet... maybe in a VM box. It's got the power to do it.
  7. I got a new toy thanks for the heads up bruce!
  8. hmmm...wonder if it will be next week. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Less than that actually...haha WoW on low settings works fine enough to go farm while i'm away from my desktop. Looking to get your laptop to replace this one.
  10. Hmm... no dice.... My link says operating system not supported... Bruce your link said my computer doesn't meet the specifications of the driver.... yeah never seen that one either. Ha... i was wrong on the chipset. It's not supported by vista... sooo its no dice on windows 7 for gaming here.
  11. http://downloadcenter.intel.com/filter_res...mp;submit=Go%21 Purely for my own use/reminder... Mine uses 945 chipset. Ive had some road blocks with using manufacture drivers rather than Dell's, and as would a "normal" consumer... I would look there first. I'll try these tonight and we'll see if we have a complete video driver functionality
  12. Vista Drivers for my machine don't exist, at least on dell's site... It's an Intel onboard chip. I'll be looking into it more this weekend since I'll some time.
  13. I couldn't get WoW to start up. I get an error saying that 3D Acceleration would not start up, please make sure you have DirectX Installed and that Video Drivers are up to date. Didn't have DirectX installed did that... no dice.. Tried Video drivers - XP drivers though... no dice. Think its just that my laptop is too old. I'll check out intel for possible newer drivers.
  14. Windows 7 I tell you guys... this really is awesome for a beta. Not a single critical driver needed- I need to get a driver for my touchpad so I have have the scrolling on it....thats all. And man this thing is blazing fast!!!!! Im hooked... BTW Laptop specs are: Pent M first gen Centrino 1.6GHz 2GB Ram 80GB 5400rpm HDD Integrated Video It looks beautiful as well as is pretty peppy. On to the software testing!
  15. I'll let you know what I find with WoW later on...
  16. Will be installing it on my Dell laptop when i get home from work. http://www.itworld.com/windows/61104/hands...guide-windows-7 Case you want to see it before you spend your time into installing it.
  17. L2 Skype? Also... why is this in games..hahaha
  18. Dell latitude e6400's can run for 8 hours if you set it up right... wow, no need for heatsinks?
  19. You already have 4gb of GSkill. It may be a slower speed, but at that amount it really doesn't matter. Then going to 800 from 667 isn't that great of a performance boost IMO. Save your money for next build I say... i7 and 3/6gb of DDR3... Just my two cents.
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