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  1. in the system try right click the side bar and go to options, tell it not to start up with windows, then exit it.


    Right click the tray and set the start menu to view in classic.


    Change the theme to classic - byebye aero, and then it'll look like a polished windows 98 or XP in classic mode.

  2. you'll more than likely start off as a help desk or support zombie. Personally I hate it...but as I look in our company... even the guys in the server rooms are helpdesk zombies, I'll just have to grit my teeth and bear it.


    Personally with your track record, I'd stick with it and find a managers spot.


    Also if those certs are paid for... and your interested... why not? Then you can see if you really like it or not. Then you can take the next step and jump into it.

  3. mmm nice.. I'll have to read more into that tonight.


    BUT... Your average user won't understand 90% of what is in that article. Alot of that is high level skills with a computer and command line.


    It also isn't just UAC it's a good part of how a computer can be used. Heck I still haven't discovered/use the many uses a computer can do/be used for.


    The problem is transparency. UAC just isn't transparent, it conflicts in flow. Bruce has made the comment of, how often do you really go into Control Panel or any of the many other places that have the UAC protection. Which shouldn't be an issue for most people that are just on to do email, use office, or surf the web.


    I think that linux distro's do this the best, super user is passworded and you can't do really much anything to the system unless you log on as the super user. Which from that article it looks as if they accomplish this via reg edits - Just skimmed over the article.


    still, there isnt much you cant do with the limited account created by vista, i have never had to use net user administrator active:yes to get anything done. Too many people use my computer to let a true admin account be active


    I agree... and I lock that account up with a complex password as well as shut off anything that could access it...

  5. Its best left off if you know how to clean up malware? :blink::huh:


    Sorry but that is a pretty sad way to go about system administration.



    Except for the fact that you missed the first part of avoidance. ;)


    Even with UAC on, users will blindly just say yes to get it to go away. Whats the point of it then? None. Is it a great tool, its excellent. Just not implemented correctly - windows 7 almost has it down. Im curious how the RC is.


    Nothing is ever 100% secure. Knowing how to remove is the next step you see. :)

  6. we disable uac because it asks for your permision to do absolutely everything. very annoying. if they made it less strangle hold on the pc, it'd be ok. or even limit it to just the network connections.


    now just need a way of stoping windows from yelling at me all the time that uac is off, w/out disabling the security center


    Click on the shield that comes up in the sys tray after you reboot, and on the left side you can tell windows to never warn you for anything.


    UAC is great.. for a novice user. For someone that knows how to avoid or how to clean up malware it's best left off. It's annoying, and you still can't play WoW with it on. lol

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