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  1. BC days buddys where T6 - Sunwell/Blacktemple geared sold their accounts for 700$



    I have two chars thats can go into uldar, tank DK and my rogue, as well as a 77 warlock- think ill just pvp on him ,and a 29 pally which is really just a bank alt.


    I prolly could get a good bit if i sold them. But i wont since that would be stupid for all the time i have put into them and since i like playing the game. Its business in there. Its fun to change the markets. hehe

  2. so yeah... if its over 40fps your never going to tell the difference in reality.


    Save your money and wait. Course that point your going to need a bigger power supply... then we'll have 20pages of nothing trying to help you with a good purchase.


    IMO leave what you have, go outside and run around for a bit, or even use that $250 and buy a bike.

  3. First one is better.


    3 sets of pre outs @ 2.5volts. vs 2 sets and 2 volts.


    Kenwood usually sounds good. I havent been in the car audio field for a realllllly long time.


    BUT anything that you are interested in.. you should go tot he store and take a listen.


    For source units im stuck on Pioneer. Ive got one of the first OLED screens that has the screensavers that play on... going to infinity reference comps for the front (mids and highs) and a kenwood amp powering in mono 300rms two image dynamics 12" subs in my self made sealed box. It gets loud if i want to crank it....but sounds great for regular listening.

  4. I pay for 3 months at a time... i know im gonna continue to play so its a buck or two cheaper a month, but gives me enough time to cancel account if I have the need to.


    Which i wont. ever.

  5. If you go network connections, right click on the wifi connection and go to properties. This will open up a box with usually just a general tab, click on configure. Box opens up to a 4 tabbed box, click on advanced.


    In that list you'll have a wide range of options. One might be to limit the connection it makes to the access point. For a Dell with an Intel card its called Rate. This goes from 18 to 54 or best rate...commonly set to best rate. Some cards may not ha


    Either that or have her get a boyfriend and move in with him (Not too sure if you'd be thrilled with this option) / send them to school and live in the dorms. hahaha

  6. Im confused... you want to OC to 3ghz, but in your sig you say that it is...


    IMO today's computers really dont need to be OC'd. Your single core's will benefit from this, but not really a dual or quad core. Not a minor OC at least. Saying you can tell a difference with a slight OC increase in a good system like you have is going to be very remote. IF your doing faster than 30fps in a game its a waste since any difference you cannot see.

  7. Ah bandwidth saturation. Not much you can do on the xbox. For the laptops... via wifi you can limit the connection to the WAP via the cards configure properties. if via wired..not so much.


    Only if your running all your traffice through a managed server could you really limit it... kinda like what your talking about with the QoS router.


    best thing is to get a gigabyte router/wap and a bigger "pipe" to your house. Son will get to play on live, daughter will get to have her myspace and facebook, and you'll get to have something then! haha. At that point Id have the oldest help pay for living at home!


    I got the boot when I turned 18, im good with my money - or should I say lack of- to live on my own, have the best connection i can get and make use of it, and not eat ramen noodles and frozen veggies all the time :)

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