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  1. It would almost be easier for one to post the steps to get a downloaded ISO file to be put onto a CD.


    Im sick and energy to recall what i have done into typing isnt gonna happen..lol

  2. That is my case as well... but i type better than I talk :P


    Well i scored one machine- old p2. And im gonna get the linux on that tonight and play around.


    Im going to have 4 nodes and one master- my larger HP machine.


    Mainly im just gonna let it run seti AND [email protected] when im done. This is a learning experiment. It'll let me learn some things about linux and possiblity of customizing linux once i learn enough. :D

  3. hmm... ok.


    might put this on the back burner... but still interested in it.


    thanks for info.


    question tho... how much processing power would say 4 PII and a amd athlon xp 3200+ do?

  4. hmm that is interesting... ill reply once i get the equipment and nodes all setup once i get them.


    Either you have AIM or MSN i could chat freely with?

    Apple_jack2004#yahoo.com- MSN

    AndewJames2004- AIM

  5. very slightly...


    Knoppix and RedHat-latest release, and about the same time under command line for it.


    Like i said im going into class and im just going to self learn it before i go into the class.


    Asking questions = learning :)

  6. well yeah.. planning ahead :D


    OK install Debian GNU Linux...then Install OpenMosix- where?


    Then i repeat n times...


    OR i just burn off n disks of ClusterKnoppix, setup whatever, and then im nearly done.


    Im close...or not. lmao

  7. Oo kool... cluster knoppix looks easier.



    Ok what you said flew over my head on the second part. lol


    from what i got, your computer have external vid card- rather than on board..and your having problems with drivers for it all to run?


    First part. I take it after i put the OS on the HD, i type in those commands... or as i install it? Also i can put Knoppix on the HD's right... thought i could.


    Id like the OS if you could spare it... just save it to computer then burn it to CD right? How most go.. :P

  8. ahhh thanks very much Bruce, that is very much what i was looking for.


    Oh yeah i figure its not going to be one of those.... point...click.. run.. kinda operations...i need a project to give me something do to and help advance my knowledge of computers, networking, and abilties of a computer. I want to learn! I find myself wondering what i can do with myself and I was just google'ing things and i ran across this and peaked interest.


    There is always a guide to something ;)


    Anyone here try clustering?

  9. So i thought id toy with a few old computers i can get at a surplus place, while learning linux in college, thought id make some self learning before i get into the classes...


    But i...dont have a clue how to do this.lol I cant really find anything on HOW to set things up... other than the basic network setup. I know how to do this... and that each CPU would need to different for it to work correctly.


    For setup... I dunno..


    Could Knoppix/Red Hat work?


    Or would i need to run your Command Line version of linux to make this all work- makes more sense since there wouldnt be any monitors on the nodes in all.


    Someone help a kid with an personal challenge to himself

  10. Yeah ive read that more than a few times.


    Want to get something straight first... do #4 till it locks up, back off. then go to cpu voltage, up it one. Then start all over on fsb till it locks up, back it off... then go to ddr voltage and then go back to the fsb and do it till it locks up, then back it off


    Then for the memory, id want to up each a bit.


    All kool and all... but what do i do with the multiplier. that lil guide seems to have left that out. Mentioned it...but did nothing with it.

  11. ok i found it under jumperfree configuration, overclock profile was auto, changed to manual.


    CPU freq- 200.0 - goes to 400

    PCI express clock - 100mhz- goes to 145

    DDR voltage- auto - i know ill need to mess with this as i want to OC ram as well. goes to 3 volts

    CPU multiplier- auto- goes to 11

    CPU voltage- auto- goes to 1.5

    PCI clock synchroniztion mod - auto - has- to cpu or 33.33mHz


    I want to max it...


    Also on the ram i have hyperX pc3200 whats the correct timings on it to get all out from it?

  12. Have you done the dual core optimizer setup yet? I think that score is a bit low with what you have.


    Go to the windows option, look at all the optional system you have running in the background. go into msconfig thru the run and deselect those OPTIONAL programs.


    Run spyware removers and defrag both drives before running the tests again


    Go into IE and firefox and make the temp file cashe down to 34mb- one doesnt need 3gigs where its set at defualt


    On your RAM, your mobo isnt recognizing all 4 gigs. You've lost 700mb somewhere, thats ALOT. Now windows will take like 100mb of RAM on the display, but not in bios what this reads.


    For example here is my machine: 4200 X2- NOT OC'd 2 gig hyperX ram, WD 80gig HD, asus a8n5x mobo, asus cd burner, NEC dvd/cd burner, thermal take heatpipe/heatsink on the CPU... my score was 3088, and now that its broke in a bit now im going to OC it much as possible, along with the RAM. When ever i figure how to do it.lol


    heres my score: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CUETFWJ8DPJSHQ9C

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