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  1. Yeah, bad news is better than no news at all. Good to hear that he is going to make a recovery.
  2. Had a good week here. Got dashel bite and the golem-shard sticker.
  3. No.. Just DK's are going to be reset since they massively nerfed them again.
  4. 3.2 patch content is coming out on the blizz downloader
  5. Feral dps/tank's are siiiiccck. our uldar geared drood is like 50k HP buffed up. Its craaazy. Course the hits that he takes are crazy too.
  6. Yeah... It has been quite awhile...
  7. Whats wrong with rogues? They are worthless outside of stealth. lol
  8. jewelers standard screwdriver and small amounts of pressure. Have bent a few cpue pins before... long as they dont break your fine.lol
  9. Where you at? If your on mug'thul ill definitely help ya out anytime. Ive got three 80's
  10. haha STV is a pain... our WG is off and on balanced... it really depends on the day, and time of day.
  11. Usually in the WoW realm forums. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.h...53618&sid=1 Cairne http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.h...75001&sid=1 Mug'Thul Basically someone is tracking it for the realm via reports back from the players.
  12. XD I had a bunch of that on our server. We downed general thursday on our 2nd attempt. woot. Yogg is a mind-F##k on an epic scale. It might be a little bit till we down that guy. We are top 10 guild on our server for progression again... only 4 or 5 have gotten to last guy Avalon. The top guild, horde, on our server JUST finally got to full clear of Uldar. I dont think any alliance has yet. Horde/Alliance ratio is bad on Mug'Thul. Did hardmodes and achievements on uldar 10m last night..that was fun.
  13. milestones! Downed Mimiron. On to general... got to about 50% on our first attempt. Also have my 3rd 80... lol
  14. Just say... i get the card for X ... you can go shopping and you have a budget of X. Problem solved.
  15. I see a few of you posted that you have google toolbar... get rid of it. It breaks IE. Not only that, if you use it to search, you can just change the search bit that IE has in the upper right to google from Live/Bing. I just IE8 here at work daily, and only have one gribe and thats the combatiblity mode. Basically it runs two iexplore.exe processes... what a waste.
  16. Well thats the same case with any class. If you get the drop your chances of winning are significantly greater. Warlocks are so quishy though. DK's Anti Magic Shield and then steam roll them... its fun
  17. Maxst2


    I dont think it will be.. unless they find something pretty big.
  18. Why? I am out DPS's by hunters and DK's. If anything bubbles on pallys need to be longer cooldowns and shorter... bubble hearthing is so weak... not to mention they wear plate and can heal themselves. completely.
  19. My rogue is pure armor pen for my guild. Without procs, expose armor, or buffs I have a 20% armor reduction. Have 3/5 T8.5 - conqs set. Hoping that servers wont be down all day again! We didn't even get to raid tuesday. Im in Mug'thul under <wayward>. Wowsa is my main... Darvin is my DK tank... and maxst is my alt lock. www.wayward-guild.com Guild website.
  20. Maxst2

    The Tornado

    Ethernet cable would be faster.
  21. Well then buy it when it comes out in October...
  22. Personally... i would obtain a win 7 64bit version. Vista and Win 7 share the same kernal. Lot of the changes are cosmetic and operational. IE your vista programs will work in win 7. So if you have an 64bit programs for vista, they will work in win 7 64bit. Also i think that 64bit versions run better than 32bit.
  23. wow... we have some huge guilds on Mug'Thul. Only two have completed it all- alliance. Horde on the other hand... have 7 guilds clear it. Horde/Alliance is a really bad ratio. My guild is is like the in the top 10 for progression of guilds on alliance in our server.
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