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  1. from the titan? From the hanger go to the sides and press "e" on the door lookin things on the side. THen you can look around and left click i think? And using your reg controls you can guide it where you want to land...say on a tank or next to a silo. The APC's also have this but i dont remember how to get them to fire... im hardly in them. ALSO.. the transports and fighters have pods as well...its useful when you need to get out really fast. and cause distraction on the ground with all the dust and wreakage.
  2. Sad its not in color... that was a major turn on for me. Even so... you can program it to your needs... could play some movies on each of the keys when its idle or something lmao.
  3. I kinda have something to say about this contest... Simply put... person with the most money can win the 8800. Mean a stock top end.. or even mid range computer could easily beat what i have maxxed out on air. Id hate to make your guys work in the contest become much more significant...but thats a big piece of equipment. It might escape me how your judging this. Mean air vs water yeild faaar different results right? Almost think that score AND how much change in the system has been made compared to stock setup- like cpu, ram, and vid... in BOTH air and liquid cooled setups. He
  4. hmm... guess it wouldnt be bad thing.. im kinda worried im gonna burn something up tho... then im screwed... cuz i cant afford to buy anything extra for like... a year..lol Unless i hit it big at vegas/ local casino- going on vegas run for my 21st.
  5. well i got mine in... Im just gonna stick with what i got. manged lil over 2.7ghz on just bumping the fsb up to 253 and multi to x11. I prolly could do more... but i really dont want to screw it up again.lol... lastly... i changed my temp cache to 50 and it still says im at 313 for some reason? so i got 10 points knocked off.
  6. So what would i need to do? If your gonna tell me i have to reinstall everything i've just done today... twice in one day... boy that'd really suck.lol Never attempted RAID before. I want most performance if possible.
  7. looks like it does from newegg specs.
  8. ah... dunno.. both IDE.. how would i do that? Well i got a screen shot of my 2.7 run and it lasted 3 hours. I went to up it lil more.. 2.8 and i noticed it wasnt running good. When to back it down, lower than 2.7, since i want to keep it there... OS corrupts again. Odd? to me it is.. But im getting tired of reinstalling this and im gonna bow down and let this pass. Unless you'll accept a simple screen shot of CPUz and PC probe of cpu temp and vcore.lol
  9. well its on the path of reinstall... Looks like ill have two drives now
  10. gonna try and repair if possible.... reallllly dont want to reinstall everything.... but sadly ill pretty much have to i bet.
  11. ordered another one Ill end up master and slaving these two.. im sure that it was software got messed up not hardware.
  12. well im out as of now... got it from 2.2 to 2.7 and it glitched so i went to up voltage... upon restart somehow OS got fubar'd up. Files got currupted and now it'll go to blue screen of death. I went to defaults after this..and still no dice. HD is like 3 years old..tho never used. twas a back up spare i got really cheap on sale. So.. think it just hosed itself up... windows in all.lol
  13. EDIT... nvm.. Ok.. im up to 2.75ghz on a 2.2ghz 4200+ x2 on air.
  14. and a very large patch for bf2
  15. I dunno man.... 73F is perfect IMO... 90-100 like it usually is here in the summer is HOT...then add in the humidity..whew. Hmm... open window in the winter.. kinda sounds cold.lol I used turn my computers on in the winter to heat my room. lol.. One could fashion a box to keep water and snow out and let the cold cold air to be drawn to the PC.
  16. http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j207/max...PIC007part2.jpg http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j207/max...PIC004part2.jpg http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j207/max...PIC003part2.jpg http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j207/max...PIC001part2.jpg http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j207/max...PIC010part2.jpg Pics of my "beast" before any wire management... one day ill get to it...one day. and the memory is all filled up with same hyperx btw...mmm blue...
  17. Ya'll just vent it to a hole panel made to fit in a window? Fan propelled?
  18. bf2142 is developed by the same people that did bf2... least when i boot up either of them i get ea and dice. Secondly... its no different than BF2 in terms of game play... Do you play online at all? Other than titan games, which is an addition..i see its no different.
  19. Maxst2

    Cluster Computing

    I got it... Alcohol 120% made it way easy.
  20. Maxst2

    Cluster Computing

    It would almost be easier for one to post the steps to get a downloaded ISO file to be put onto a CD. Im sick and energy to recall what i have done into typing isnt gonna happen..lol
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