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  1. Its workin now thinkin the disc i used was just bad and it got corrupted.
  2. duuh.. ima ...i didnt think i could make another disk without os...loooong day... post if another disc works.
  3. I forgot to mention im doing raid0 on IDE.
  4. Well... i cant really create a new floppy too easily..lol Ill take it to school and use a computer to do it. Blah... screw with it tomarrow.
  5. Done...and Done.. Seems as though the file didnt get copied correctly.
  6. While in setup for XP pro... i get a idecoi.dll failed to copy. I retry a few times..and just ended up skipping it... it a needed file? if so... how do i fix it? Need help ASAP
  7. Gonna be 9*F here... sooo bummed i couldnt bring with my computer here to my moms place... Not enough cat5 to run computer outside... trust me. its gonna happen though.. When does entries end btw? Maybe ill still have time... i need another cold snap.lol
  8. Maxst2

    HALO3 Vid

    No problem there... ill be getting it for free
  9. Funny i have only been kicked by PB TWICE. And that was only when i was at my moms house and she has SLOW dsl... which was bound to happen. WHAT im sick of bf2 is all the hackers and the fact that none.. NONE... of the guns are anywhere near accurate. Like for example... you shoot a guy with a rocket....he lives..and kills you with a pistol @ 200 yards.... it just doesnt happen in real life! 2142 has improved...but not much on this.
  10. Maxst2

    HALO3 Vid

    Halo 2 is on PC too... well soon it will be.
  11. Maxst2

    HALO3 Vid

    Halo 2 was on earth...
  12. What are the negative effects if i just dropped my computer into a chest freezer? One thats dry of course... You guys are a bad influence...LMAO :help:
  13. Maxst2

    HALO3 Vid

    x2 Only other than Gears of war and Final Fantacy, show me a CINIMATIC trailer thats better than this. Its not gonna be LIKE that, but its gonna be pretty darn close, everyone knows that. Im curious how the halo movie is gonna turn out.
  14. just want to clearify... When you say we have two pit stops... that means if we got hardware change...we can update our scores?
  15. This does unnatural things to me.. Soo purty
  16. stable at 2.7ghz... turned to manual, only touched multiplier to x11 and changed fsb.. running fine so far... gonna game and see what happens.
  17. we cant get any office...sadly.. As for OS's its everything MS has practically What versions of Vista are there! Sounds like 4 so far..lol
  18. i can run the high end... just the question if i can get he high end version or not from my school. they have MSDNNA with microsoft..and i can check out XP pro for free anytime i want to... along with 2k3 server.. bunch of stuff.
  19. What are your settings in the game? i think it'll run fine on med. settings.
  20. I have a chance to get vista for free, and quite possibly very soon- final release... through my college and i thought about putting it on my gaming system. With that... should i just stick with xp pro or make the upgrade to vista? Is there any performance leaching.
  21. Sharpie! course.. it'll be... there forever.
  22. Oh yeah not saying thats what is up for grabs thru drawing is bottom of the barrel... Just that the BIG prize is only limited to those who can drop the bucks. What you say is very true though. I was just pondering how it was all judged in all Seeing if i can get the lil guys a chance to win the grand prize
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