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  1. Screenshot of registry AS you can see... those values are not there... therefore... no editing can be done. Not to insult, but you must not have read what i typed completely. this is besides the point you can think what you will of me. Picture shows there isnt anything there. With reading what needs to be done, i can go in and change what needed to be changed. I cant change whats not there. Same thing on both my other desktops, and its not on IE6 either. THUS, why i was saying if they needed to be created or not. Lastly... works great on firefox, thanks fo
  2. The two dword values that need to be changed are NOT in my Internet Settings folder in the reg. Could i just make a new key and add them? Yes.. im completely confident with my ability to edit and work my around the reg and files. They arent there.
  3. I have IE7 and i also dont get the maxXXXXX selections to edit...
  4. I'll be getting a full release of vista before its out to public through MSDNNA at my college. Ive never had a problem with microsoft OS.
  5. If we had a baseline full load temp... we could say if its too hot or cool enough
  6. I have 7900 GS KO.. and i play both on max everything. Great overclockers too.
  7. Put a small fan in front of it then. Install Speedfan or another motherboard temp/diagnostic program to monitor it. Then you can see what it does.
  8. Master Sarg. Silver here. I love the upgraded assualt gun-if you preordered it you get lil code to get upgrade of the EU side only gun... it pretty much rocks. Just got squard leader badge couple nights ago. wowsamaxst2 is my tag. add me as buddy... be fun to start a squad. Im already playing with 2-5 others at a given time.
  9. Bios for Beginners Thought id post this here. Has some good info in it. Enjoy. AJ
  10. nah its striped... did some reading... i had some low end HD's and the 128K block is too big for it. Smaller = faster reads. 32k might be to low.. or just right... same for 64k. Im going to bet 32k might be the right number. I just can't change that without redoing everything huh..lol
  11. Wouldnt hurt to upgrade/add fans... and install speedfan. Then max the fans out... might be lil louder.. but it'll stay kool.
  12. Ill check that out... im outta town for a few days. Well.. thats the thing, i noticed that it seemed faster on loading/installing things. Your telling me that i need to have a smaller block for most performance... manual says otherwise. I read that 128k block was for best performance. This is also being discussed in the pc pit stop 500 thread.
  13. I have two WD 80gig's in raid 0 128k block. All is single partition. For what im getting: I should reformat, partition it into say 25 for OS- im gonna go vista, then rest open. I dont like to have billion partitions..lol ANd change to the lowest block? I gathered that this would give me slower performance...
  14. TechExpress link Pit Score- Higher too Are you using Nvidia raid and are you sure you have the correct nVidia raid drivers?- Yes Did you get them from the motherboard site if not where?- CD that came with mobo Did you put them on a floppy and install them using the F6 command during windows installation?- yes Did you install all of the motherboard drivers after your windows install?-yes What physical drives did you use and what size?- Just one so all of it Did you use raid 0?- striped= raid0, so yes Did you use a 128 stripe or a 64 stripe? 128k- manual said it would give be
  15. So... any clue what would cause my raid to suck so much? Im still at a loss.... but it seems to run faster. But test score proves...vastly.. otherwise.
  16. Was double what my raid 0 is... RAID0 SINGLE HD IM confused..and i think you would be too It's IDE- yeah i know...that doesnt help matters...and they are both on a master/slave setup since i dont have another IDE on my mobo. I thought...big word... that it'd have improved a weebit...not make it half as good.
  17. maybe thats why my scores where all lower? lmao Hey miggs whats your problem? i have a newish AMD..lol
  18. ah... k i got it right then. dont have another open IDE
  19. Heres my other one tho: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=GTQ4FWDM4YWSE9EJ Note: my IE cache is under 50... test says its not. Your aware of that issue as i've brought it up already. Forgot to change to 16bit colors... Would that make a big change? Would the jumper settings on the HD's cause a problem? I have it master/slave at the moment... if i were to go master/master.... would that screw things up? Ima noob at raid, forgive me.
  20. k... in a couple hours.. im in class at the moment
  21. thats what i thought. I made it striped- raid0 and 128k for cluster size- read thats the best to have for performance in the asus manual. I even OC'd my vid card more and it was lower. Pit test take a dive?
  22. way sad... my hardware change... going raid0 made my HD score drop by half.
  23. I do say.. reinstalling all my games... settings.. drivers... etc... really sucks. haha
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