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  1. Hmm... almost wonder if you have a high latency problem.
  2. Reinstall the game, making sure you wipe everything off. And sadly, redownload the patch. Not going to loose anything but your configured settings- video... sound... that stuff.
  3. it might be the server itself you know... or does this happen to every server?
  4. Maxst2

    Vista install

    I say he is a noob.
  5. PC Tools Got this site in class... has... everything to tweak your computer or anything.
  6. I like this... going to put it on one of my machines to see out it is.
  7. goooood lord... power meter must spin like tops at your places...
  8. got my bars. 1st lieutenant silver now. and i joined [TUF] clan. BIG help... clans really are worth it. You learn a bunch. If your 18+ go here and apply.. we are looking for more people. www.theunitedforce.com
  9. haha... was just thinkin im getting tried of those clicks when i read this.
  10. whooo.... warrent officer silver and half way to gold.
  11. As you play.. you get points... points for kills squad help.. and such.. and you get unlocks from that- playing online.
  12. Woot leveled... got gold assault badge. Ima chief petty officer gold now. Next stop, warrent officer!
  13. You can sprint in the walker by hitting shift btw.
  14. I am now Chief Petty Officer of the Army. I have all the player and squad leader ablities and stuff, all the assault. Working on getting the engineer stuff now. I am the assault in my squad i have- 3 to 5 players. We need a couple full time people that play the game to join us. email me at [email protected] or PM me here for vent info or xfire info. Be nice to have some more players to join me. Im good at leading in the game and tactics- too much reading and watching war stories. Add me on 2142 buddylist too: wowsamaxst2 . We are [sYF] clan tag. Im gonna see if i can join
  15. ahh. Well it kicked it on for me
  16. hhmmm.. im going to have to go with bad install. If you can play BF2142, you can play most games. Your ram is a LITTLE low, but a gig it would be able to play the game. Might want to put another gig in. It'll help out in the long run.
  17. Dunno.. i managed to play dvd's on media player 11 after i installed it???
  18. FFDSHOW Little program that has BUNCH of tweaks and codecs for audio and video. Don't have a DVD player? Play it through media player 11 then with this. Messing with it for a few days and i can filter and mold the sound that i want for movies and games. Thought id share it. Use at your own risk, my results where positive though.
  19. Best buy and walmart has a bunch of those. under 20$, and yes they dont need the CD to play.
  20. I got BF2 special forces... thats way more fun than BF2 and 2142! Tho.. i do love flying the 2142 jet fighter. Much more easier to fly..course i use a trackball.
  21. I gave it a 5, i mainly use firefox and it works insanely awesome. Just wanted it to work on IE as well, its really no biggy. Im just curious of why it would be in some and not in anothers.
  22. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130056 cheaper GS http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130057 same cost as 1950. and top line 7900gs while the numbers in terms of core clocking and mem speed, stock, the 1950 wins. But i have a friend that has one, and i have the 7900gs KO. I score better than he does- 3dmark and pitstop, We are both overclocked- btw KO over clocks more then the 1950 maybe only due to i have more airflow im not sure. I have another friend with the base GS and he also outscores. Now Im not sure if he as the last generation 195
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