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  1. Open your my computer and go to your main drive (usually C:) and make a new folder called Temp. close out to your desktop and right click my computer > properties > Advanced tab. From there you will go down to Environment Variables. You will see TEMP and TMP. Click on each, one at a time, and go to edit and change the string to C:\Temp. Now go down to the next box and scroll down to TEMP and TMP, and change its string to C:\Temp Click ok twice and Now all your temp files go here. I like to delete all in this folder everytime i boot up. Dont be surprised if som
  2. ahhh... so my "idea" was there already... very nice.
  3. Come to notice that there isnt a user to user for sale section... I have a few things I'd like to part with but i don't really like ebay and i figure here in a computer forum I'd have more sucess. Granted, The sellers and buyers should be forum members who are well established and if there are a few moderators that would approve each for sale "ad" to prevent scams and spam.\\ Thanks, maxst2
  4. lol... i still play that game... and i give free stuff.
  5. Where is this free section at? Im attempting to make a small cluster for my own amusement and to increase my linux skillz. But being a poor college kid, getting a machine is a pain! I just need two machines too..
  6. Go to Rankings on the tabs, there it presents the score.
  7. Score Um... one gripe. When you go in for Processes...and you go into look at the detailed inside of say it says debugger, you go in and see all the info for it. Well i didnt see a back button, otherwise one has to go all the way back out to the summary. Thought it was very well laid out in terms of presenting the information. I had no trouble navigating, other than what is said above. "Very Nice"
  8. www.monoprice.com If anyone is looking for cables and home theater setup pieces for cheap this is your place.
  9. Im going to have to disagree. For one, this does nothing for resolution or graphics. Also a decent number of those services are NEEDED. What really is going on is your reducing the CPU load by reducing the number of processes the computer has to compute. What you can do is find tinyXP, after antiviurs and firewall it effectively has 17 i believe processes. Or you can disable unneeded services, I have a site, but being on my work machine I dont have access to the link, I'll add it in a little later. Sorry to say the only way you can get better resolution and graphics is to
  10. Heck ill join up. My machine is pretty much going to stay the same.. minus vid card.
  11. Of course! google though was how to unlock the bloody bios password *rolls eyes* I'll just play with what its got in the meanwhile I search some more. But if you know of one, lemme know.
  12. eh... i didnt think there one was either. lol
  13. Got this machine for free from work... Is there any unlocked BIOS out there for an Optiplex GX270 floating around? Im....tempted to play with it really really hard
  14. Whats your setup... software and hardware?
  15. Looking over the problem again... (im playing guessing game since I dont know your setup) If this is preventing the backup to be made at all, i think the selection you have to backup every week might not have the remote services installed on it. I remember setting one up the first time in a test situation and i think i got that error. OR Your tapes aren't labeled and you have a bar code reader and it cant find the bar code or written in on the tape itself label. Let me know whats up... I'm sure I can get'r fixed up for ya
  16. yeah you need to have tape media's setup and then the tapes labeled IN veritas. I work with this one at work and its a really simple process to get this setup correctly- least the way we do it. I am going to assume you have a single tape, tape drive? (not a multiple tape holding magazine type tape drive) And you run weekly only, full back-ups? With this you go to the media tab and then in media set you need to create a weekly media set. Here you would insert EVERY tape and label them- or have the bar code scanned if it has a one- unlikely if its a single tape drive- get the ta
  17. wow an eliminator for half off... id snag that if its NIB.
  18. In the business world... yes they would,well most would lets say. You or me.. no.. I really dont care what makes it work... long as it DOES..and its pretttty. So far... dx10 has shown to be pretty damn sexy. This is like the VHS vs Beta tape... and HD DVD and BluRay.
  19. Its not complete SP1... vista sucks anyway. there is going to be DX9L which will run dx10 on dx9 cards so i have been told.
  20. get a pci-e board for that chip and wait for the 8600 to come out. 230$ max and you'll have an awesome card and dx10 support.
  21. Maxst2


    I love this game...
  22. well yea... everyone knows that if you dont know what your doing or cant read the guide you'll kill the OS. Why a backup or image recovery is vital. BUT... everything you need is there to make some interesting changes
  23. wells its definitely an internet/connection issue then. What is your connection type and connection speed?
  24. interesting how this gets such a low rating. It has pretty much a guide to everything, and a reg edit list that goes into pages. Its every reg edit there is! No, i dont care about what the ranking is...just dont want someone to think.. low rank. not worth it. Look around, used the search function, see what there really is. Since there is just too much to blab about in here.
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