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  1. It was right in my book >_<


    It seems as though everyone was having an issue with the first question. I just used the ls /etc | more.

  2. well if i do the more command on that.... ls --help | more I can't get to anymore of the information. It just brings the prompt right back up.


    I do get the same information tho.

  3. Yes it is a live cd... It's what is required, even tho I have Ubuntu on my test machine for the class... but i figure just using what they want... I'll use it.


    And this is all in terminal... as in crtl+alt+f2. Not in a shell.

  4. eh... thats what I thought...but it doesnt. I type that in and it all slams down and brings up prompt again.


    Sort still is puzzeling.. i ran across that site myself and I couldn't find what i need.

  5. Im unsure if this makes a difference in results, but im using knoppix.


    Using the first one doesnt give it page by page, its all at once.


    Second one just sorted them alphabetically... i need them by file size, in ascending sorted. And it needs to done by the sort command. Which what threw me off since i can't.... find it .

  6. My brain doesn't want to function...


    Using the information on the ls and more commands and piping operator obtained from your reading assignments, create and test a command string that searches all the text files in the /etc directory and displays them a screen at a time.


    This is all I can come up with : $ls [switch to see all text files] /etc |more



    Create and test a command string that uses the sort command to create a file containing a listing of the etc directory, sorted in ascending order by file size.


    This is what I can come up with...but it doesn't like it and I can't seem to find a switch to sort by file size in ascending order. : $sort [mystery switch] /etc > sortedAtoD.txt


    Im pretty far off aren't I... Kinda need to get this done by monday since Im going to be hella busy till I have class again.


    Thanks for ya'lls help, If i ever meet you... you'll get a frosty one. :b33r:

  7. Personally... Its MS... how long do you think it'll be effective? I ditched it and have my 3rd parties running the house.


    Stripping 10 useless processes brought me down very near to XP performance and still looks pretty(Aero) There are so many extra services that aren't needed and can be disabled.

  8. I want a BAREBONES linux distro to put on this OLD machine.. like 350mhz and 256mb of ram gateway machine that I brought back to life.


    I have ubuntu on it... but I think there is more I can get out of it by slimming down the OS...maybe?

  9. Its the work that you have done and saved is what you need to recover. You can't just grab the file from the programs files and move it to another computer. Programs like that put in registry files and other processes.


    You could do a windows repair, in my opinion you had the OS took a dive...it happens.


    Having to of paid cold hard cash for these programs and not having them anymore is your loss and/or meaning you downloaded them... to me. All in all... your SOL if the windows repair doesn't work. Do you have back-ups? Having thousand dollars worth of programs on your computer and you don't back it up...again your loss.

  10. Late at night.... do you feel like they are going to stab you while you play/work on the computer? I would be checking them all the time.. lil beady eyes... *shivers*


    Nevermind... i looked at the picture again.. you have some extra.... what .44 mag?? shells there on the desk ready to roll..

  11. Unsure if this is true, damn them if it is, but he said that EA will be CHARGING users to get better guns, etc. in their new games.


    Anyone else heard of this non-sense?

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