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  1. So it really does mean i need to get a new system :S


    Owell... mobo 680i, ram ddr2 800 @ 4gb, and cpu some c2d.. will be 400.


    Ill just post pone my shotgun purchase.

  2. there will be no performance problems brandon, it should open a web page or do office easily, after all no one will load COD 4 on it :lol:



    There will be someone that'll complain about it... :cr@sh:

  3. Id like to see it with the Atom proc actually. They will have a higher end one with vista- which I'd promptly change to XP pro...


    COULD I use it? Not yet in my career... which might end up changing to Army Officer once im done with school anyway.


    I like it.. it looks good, and it seems as though it would be durable. I'd want to drop a SSD in it though. That'd really help with battery life and weight.


    HP has it on sale now btw on their site.

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