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  1. Good luck man. Hey a job is a job, walmart actually gives you alot of benefits and soon you'll get stock options, at least they did about 10 years ago when my sister worked there. That somewhat makes up for the lower pay.

  2. wow... heroic ToC is pretty intense! So far from what I have heard nobody has downed the first boss. ( ie the first 3 intital bosses)


    Usually Void gets it done pretty fast, they are the top horde guild on my server.


    We got to phase two and only get about 25% down on ONE worm.

  3. For the most part, we have never had the people on more than one day to raid. so we are clearing to general most weeks in one night. Being a small guild we can't always get the people on to do it...and we arent going to pug people for those fights. With the lock out we got to extend our raid night now to actually get to do yogg and let people get used to the fight. for 25m... for 10m we have cleared it and about done with all the hardmodes.


    ToC is really easy imo. took us 4-5 wipes to get a kill order that fit our group on the fraction champs. We have a strong pvp group in our guild so they knew how to approach that right.


    Poor wilfred btw. haha.

  4. http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/ Read the patch notes my friend ;)




    * Players can now use Blink, Shadowstep, and Demonic Teleport while participating in the illusion events in the Yogg-Saron encounter.

    * Ominous Clouds in the Yogg-Saron encounter are now more vocal about touching players and should no longer sometimes appear to be in the wrong place for certain players.

    * An Immortal Guardian targeted for Empowering Shadows in the Yogg-Saron encounter will now become a 'Marked Immortal Guardian' while targeted.

    * Crusher Tentacles in the Yogg-Saron encounter spawn a little slower in 25-player mode allowing a bit more time for players to clear out the Illusion room.

    * Empowering Shadows in the Yogg-Saron encounter now targets a maximum of three Immortal Guardians in 25-player mode.

    * Yogg-Saron's health has been reduced by 20% in the final stage of his 25-player mode.

    * Winter Jormungars will no longer put everyone in the zone in combat when they emerge from a Snow Mound. Additionally, Snow Mounds will now disappear when all their jormungars have emerged.

  5. my rogue is a beast. Got malice and remorse now, just need to get zerker on it and respec to Swords combat. Also got twirling blades off 4 towers up FL. So weapons are lvl 232. Still need the rings, cinder off ignis and the one off General. Then eventually trinkets.


    Also... Looks like the 3.2 patch might be out this week or next week.


    Not looking forward to relearn my tanking rotation and spec on my DK...AGAIN.


    I am looking forward to the ulduar nerfs though... be nice to zoom through it all.

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