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  1. Weather here this entire summer has been cool - hardly many days 90+ like it usually is... and the thunderstorms have been few and far between, those that are, aren't very threatening. Not really usual for the midwest. Weather patterns change, it is also El Nino starting up as well. You'd be surprised to know that every state has had a Tornado touch down in it. Weather is weather... its a science that even with all the technology today we can't predict what will happen. From Texas up into Minnesota is whats known as tornado alley, this is due to warm air from the gulf hitting cold air coming from Canada... bam tstorm. Weather this year has been insanely calm, compared to last year imo. Hurricanes this year? One tropical storm made landfall in florida and gave it water that it desperately needed and the only, so far, named hurricane completely missed the east coast. Im more concerned about this winter... I have a feeling its gonna get pretty snowy and icy around here according to predictions and previous el nino years.
  2. Guess all I can say is head over to Pacific Junction and give them the business. Let me know if you do... Ive never been to the track/strip they have there. It looks awesome from the road. Nebraska is so wacked and Western Iowa is just reaping the benefits from it DAILY.
  3. IMO have a all the people that would use it on a regular basis show up to meeting. Also, I say have the local businesses and locals around the track give their approval. It is a bit odd that they would shut it out since it will save lives and keep kids from doing it on the street illegally AND its great entertainment. Its a BUSINESS that the city can capitalize from.
  4. There really isnt must for strips or tracks around here is there man. There is Pacific Junction, and from what I read... it's bloody damn expensive to get on the track. http://www.midamericamotorplex.com/2006/default.asp You need to talk numbers....otherwise yeah...it'll get shutdown
  5. Religion does play a good deal in the world... but its not just for the whole God factor... its values and morals. Believe it or not... that is how most things in life back in the day were ingrained into peoples lives to make them good people. I'd say common sense as well, but that has waved byebye ages ago.
  6. I see a common trend here of late... its too hot to run. Why not convert your boxes to liquid cooling? Or would this not be worth the cost to make a cheapo cooling system? I figure once your setup you could prolong the life of your equipment, cut down the noise, and possibly cut energy costs since your A/C won't have to work so much. I have read a few of you may have done this.... any results? Its been a few months or so.
  7. Pretty good..... too bad i have no clue what they are saying...more so they are Spanish speaking...singing in Italian XD here is the one singing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0f_Ffc8DzU&NR=1 gotta skip about a min into it to hear him sing.
  8. Its not too bad.. ive lived alone since I was 18. Just do what you need to do, stay out of trouble, and bills come first.
  9. Im in a mature guild, meaning everyone has class or work in the morning so we only play two days a week 8pm to midnight. We are in Uldar now... its hard.lol It's nice to have though since the expansion was really easy.
  10. New expansion in WoW and most recent patch has realy bumped up the graphics. At first I agreed with people saying WoW doesn't need a big system to run... They obviously dont raid and dont like anything turned up. If you max out everything it is entirely different experience.
  11. Most algebra classes you can't use a calc anyway. least mine was like that.
  12. When you live in the country like Bruce does... you have things called trees... they provide shade. Shoot my parents have central air but its hardly ever on with the shade cover they have.
  13. How sad... none of you all have a sense of humor.
  14. Im crying.. cant stop laughing...
  15. Im on that boat myself.... Hoping to get to 170 myself.
  16. IMO you need to go to the police and get this creep busted.
  17. makes me think you should go water...chain them and chill the coolant. Ahhh one day...
  18. My tools. CCleaner Avast or AVG Malwarebytes And Im going to bet Bruce will say install Linux
  19. WHEN I had a gal... I seemed to have slept so much better it wasn't funny... Can't say that now...ugh.
  20. Exactly... that vista score is worthless. Mean my laptop was the same score as my new desktop... It doesn't perform better.
  21. If it happens this summer im getting it for free from my school.
  22. The question is... what do you want for a phone? Then go from there. If you just need a phone and some txt service... LG eV2 imo is the best. QWERTY keyboard and amazing battery life.
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