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  1. Id like some help on a video card. I just need a nice one, something less than $200.
  2. Ok, so go 64 bit AMD setup... I can still run 32bit XP pro tho right? I know there is a 64bit XP version...but ive heard its a lil buggy... anyone else have any input... Right now all the input has been on the cpu. Plenty left to get filled in...
  3. Also reasons of why switching would be helpful.
  4. Hello all, new here, and have enjoyed reading through the place. I want to build...a nice system, yet inexpensive, since i am a poor college kid I want to do a AMD athlon XP 3200+ cpu Mobo...need help with that. RAM- GIG of PC3200- maybe? Need some help with this. Not sure what a good speed is now days. Vid card...small nothin great sound- audigy 5.1 for $30 HD is a WD 7200rpm 80gig PSU- 400-450watt CPU heat sink and fan setup- No clue on what to get...too many choices, Slight overclocking will be done to system OS- XP pro SP2- i get it for free through my school. Basically all the software i have at hand. This is just going to be a nice extra computer, that isnt really slow.lol Any input is great! Also any changes to what i have is all good. Budjet...well lets keep it pretty low.
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