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  1. If you compressed your hard drive (the compression feature that comes with Windows) and then your system cannot boot, follow these tips to try and fix it: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-will-not-boot-compressed-system-drive I don't see this on the article but i could add this, Backup you system regularly, make a system image So if none of the tips help then you can do a system image restore.
  2. For download go to http://www.soft2base.com/download http://www.thewindow...oftware-windows
  3. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/create-bootable-windows-8-usb-drive thanks to, The Windows Club
  4. If you are annoyed with the message that you updates will be installed when after you click "Shutdown", this is for you. The simple way to do it is 1.Press Alt+F4 2. Change the pull-down menu from Install Updates and shutdown to shutdown only 3. Click OK Now Windows will shutdown without waiting for the updates to install. things to remember: The steps are not permanent, you need to do it every time updates for Windows are downloaded
  5. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/block-websites-internet-explorer-windows
  6. Maybe you need to take medicine at a certain time every day. Maybe you just want to be reminded to get up and move around so you won’t “grow to the desk.” Whatever the reason, you can use the task scheduler in Windows 7 to create a recurring alarm. Here’s how: Click the Start button and in the Search box, type task scheduler and press Enter In the right Actions panel, click Create Task On the General tab, type a name for the task, such as Take medicine Click the Triggers tab. Click the New button Select On a schedule for the “Begin the task” field Select Weekly and check the days of the
  7. Tired of pop messages and alerts on the iphone? this may help http://www.thegeeksclub.com/block-annoying-popup-messages-alerts-iphone
  8. For every iPhone, iPod and iPad user, it is very important to have a valid iTunesaccount in order to sync your device, and download games and apps. But, many a times I have observed people find it difficult over the Internet to create an iTunes account. How to open iTunes account without a Credit Card? Open iTunes Make sure that there is no one logged in to iTunes. If a user account is already active then Sign Out of it first. Now click on any app that is FREE. You should now go to the Main Page of that App Here you will see the button named FREE which allows you to download that app.
  9. With the introduction of Windows 7, many PC and notebook users may feel more secure than they did using older versions of the Microsoft operating system. Newer OSs have more security features, offer better out-of-the-box security settings and have closed many of the historical security holes. Windows 7, for example, has changed the default User Account Control level so that it's harder for rogue programs to run without first explicitly gaining the user's permission. http://www.pcworld.com/article/254369/10_commandments_of_windows_security.html Thanks to, PCW
  10. If you are an iPhone and Android user, this may interest you if you want to transfer data. http://www.thegeeksclub.com/transfer-data-from-iphone-to-android
  11. If you still one of the people that still use Internet Explorer and is having problems this may help, http://www.thewindow...ternet-explorer
  12. Windows 7 supports lots of cool keyboard shortcuts, but they're not always obvious. Sure, you can find the key combo in the menu, but to make it easier for you to remember, you can also enable underlining in the menus. When this option is turned on, the menu command name will show an underscore on the letter that is combined with the CTRL key in the shortcut. To enable the feature, you need to go to do the following: Click Start, then Control Panel Open the Ease of Access applet Go to Change how your keyboard works Under "Make it easier to use keyboard shortcuts," check the box labeled Un
  13. In a situation that you tried to restore your system, but it won't launch System Restore (viruses can corrupt it) and tried booting in Safe mode to try System Restore, but still won't launch there is an easy solution, First create a system repair disc by selecting Start, type system restore disc and press Enter and follow the prompts. Only one CD-R will be needed and an optical drive is required. Then boot from the CD (press key when "press any key" shows up), then follow the prompts until you get "Choose a recovery tool" page, then select system restore. Tha
  14. Problems trying to run this games? check this out http://www.pcworld.c..._windows_7.html
  15. If you want to close your Google Accounts on all Google services and delete the data and stop using it,do the following: Click your name (or e-mail address) in the upper-right corner of any Google site while logged in and select Account settings from the drop-down menu. The last option is to delete your entire Google Account. But if you want to keep data elsewhere do this before deleting account, To download a copy of your contacts list and other data click Data liberation on the left side of Account settings. This will open the menu and click the blue Download your data button. It wi
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