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  1. Too many perverts are allowed to slip through the net and return into society to commit awful atrocities time and time again. The law must be changed to ensure they are locked up for the rest of their lives. Vigilante law isn't the answer, the state should be taking care of us all.
  2. I daresay you enjoy the free testing and the free advice on the forums .. Shame on you for stealing from the kind folks who give so much to so many ...
  3. That's so true ... he has shirts older than most of the members here .. :help:
  4. It was a fun code but led to some misunderstandings so had to go .. sorry folks.
  5. Watch this space andromeda. :xmas_wink:
  6. How much do I owe? Do you take groats, I don't have any dollars.
  7. You mean I don't get a costume? What kind of cheap production is this?
  8. I think I'm better suited as Mrs Wenceslas, can I switch roles ...?
  9. Jazzy


    I'm younger than moonie.
  10. Are you Mr Moon, moon? Just want to know what I'm letting myself in for.
  11. Are you raising your eyebrows at me Mr Moon? I was hoping to be Mrs Moon but you've put me off now.
  12. Are you boys having fun ... can I join in?
  13. This thread started off so well. Just to bring it back on track .... 889
  14. 930th now ... Well done everyone ...
  15. Good work Godfrey, glad to have you on my team!!
  16. Stay the way you are Bruce, you have a great accent ... and I could understand every word ...
  17. Mine are Celtic love knots, I must have been feeling romantic at the time.
  18. It would be much appreciated if you could let us know if you receive a reply which helps solve your problem. Our volunteers spend a lot of time sharing their knowledge or researching information so it would be very encouraging for them to know the outcome. It would also be helpful for others who may have the same problem so they could try the fix as well. Many thanks for your consideration!
  19. Bald guys with wispy comb overs ... why do they do that?
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