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  1. Why on legal grounds Iain?
  2. I knew we would be somewhere Doof. X marks the spot heading your way Ax.
  3. Got a red x for Europe Ax.
  4. Start up an interesting thread Stasi and we'll all join in.
  5. That sums it up nicely. The Pit has been through a rough patch recently but keep the faith Doof it will level out soon enough. The best thing to do is stay away from threads you know will cheese you off, they are pretty easy to spot. Keep smiling.
  6. Jazzy

    Email Id

    You've come to the wrong place to ask questions like that, we can't help you to do that.
  7. Jazzy


    Didn't say I had a slow connection either.
  8. Jazzy


    A little diversion can be interesting as long as you don't lose your way.
  9. Jazzy


    There does seem to be an abundance of them now. They can be a pain to those with slow connections as well.
  10. I'm still here MrFred ............. just looking for an excuse to get out of doing the gardening.
  11. Same as Volt. There was a hiccup with Spybot but it seems to be ok now.
  12. I just got the dollar bills as well............... not much use to me as they ain't legal tender over here.
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