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  1. Ummm ... are you calling me an American? I'm from the valleys ... Reminders are good imo ..
  2. Well done dickster and welcome to the ex-smokers club.
  3. You find it and I'll add it ... just don't use it against the Welsh.
  4. Thanks for your input everyone ... especially you YK. I've had a chat with those in the know and we've come up against a little problem but I'm not giving up yet so watch this space.
  5. I think the main point that's come out of your post GATEWAY ACIT AGENT is that Gateway put untrained staff on the phonelines. I find that amazing, why do that? And now you have fired this lady rather than finish her training, can you explain why because it seems to me the wrong person lost their job.
  6. Smoking will be banned in public places in England on July 1st. Can't wait to go to the pub and not come home stinking like an ashtray. Well done dickster, I'm proud of you.
  7. What a surprise .. congratulations Kylie!!
  8. I don't like IMing very much but my kids do. If they catch me online then they keep sending those annoying nudges because I don't reply fast enough. :help: I'm not crazy about emailing either, rather use the phone.
  9. Well I thought you meant someone was using banned words here ... didn't you mean that?
  10. I'm just back from a hard day at work and trying to catch up with all the Pit goss ... is this "little kid" volt because if it is then just say so .. he's got a tough hide and can take it.
  11. What a controversial death. I loved his shows ... RIP Steve.
  12. I don't really care to see that word used so lightly. We are talking about computer viruses here, not a human virus that killed millions of people. Maybe if more members helped out in the virus forum then there wouldn't be the need for so many folks having to run the HJT prog ... it's meant to be used as a last resort.
  13. I don't see any "kids" saying they've been badly treated. And I don't see anyone asking you to defend them DD. This thread is a total waste of space.
  14. A real scorcher here today and no air conditioning at work ... :help:
  15. Great result ... and my boss is going to be so happy this morning.
  16. Patriotism ends with football .. I've got a couple of car flags .. any takers?
  17. I'm so sorry caintry, my deepest sympathy to you and your family.
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