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  1. In mine too dickster. Little did I think when I pinned your thread over 2 years ago that we'd still be here clicking away and a lot of that is due to you motivating us ... keep up the good work everyone.
  2. Thanks Bac .. I also believe in freedom of speech.
  3. That's great news dickster, well done you! You beat me by 2 years.
  4. Can you post a link to that please Mr Adams, it's a tad large. We seem to have 2 desktop threads on the go now, would anyone object if this one was closed?
  5. Thanks AbuIbrahim, hope to see you here again when you have the time. And don't worry about Wademan, we'll make sure he doesn't work too hard.
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back posting soon. Take good care Wademan.
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