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  1. Very happy to hear the good news!
  2. I knew there was something special about you ... an American with the same sense of humour as me, how about that!
  3. Eddie Izzard is my hero, the funniest bloke ever apart from the gorgeous Billy Connolly. Don't be thinking of getting married until you are at least 40 Brandon ... men don't start to grow up until then.
  4. I could put it in the word filter ....... but I won't.
  5. I wonder if you'll ever find yourself a wife brandon.
  6. Happy birthday Andy! Try to behave yourself.
  7. Happy birthday to my favourite green guy!!
  8. Firefox gave me a little nudge. Thanks stormy.
  9. A very happy birthday to you!
  10. Congrats Wigan!! My daughter passed her test first time a couple of years ago, they don't make it easy to do that these days so well done you.
  11. Happy birthday guys ... hope you both have a great day!
  12. The Beatles had a song about your age!! A very happy birthday to you, hope you have a great day.
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