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  1. Thank you Andrew, you are very sweet for an Aussie. I want to apologise to my dear friend Inprofile for giving Scotland such a thrashing yesterday and hope they have better luck with the French. Linky for anyone in the dark as to what a great game rugby union is.
  2. Is it ok to mention rugby in this thread? Any excuse to wave the Welsh flag.
  3. There's nobody like Lola .. definitely a one off.
  4. That firefighter is standing so close to the blaze!
  5. Wow another one .. thanks Hawk and diolch Terry.
  6. I agree .. I always take the day off. Hope you have a great day and don't work too hard!
  7. Some days I can't even remember my own name.
  8. Kenco decaf with milk and sugar .. but I prefer Tetley tea.
  9. I watched it too on Saturday and loved it, it tied up a lot of loose ends. Do you think Martha and Mickey are joining Torchwood, I got that impression when they went off with the gorgeous Captain Jack. I love that show too. I watch House but can't can't get used to Hugh Laurie in a non comedy role and what is that accent he uses all about?! Do you get New Tricks over there? A new series is starting tonight and I can't wait, it's very funny.
  10. Over 8 million downloads and a possible world record .. http://www.spreadfirefox.com/en-US/worldrecord
  11. A big happy birthday to you Sho ... hope you have many more!!
  12. I'm impressed brandon, you speak our language ... but you forgot the Marmite sandwiches.
  13. We don't expect an American to understand.
  14. A big happy birthday to you Bill. I never work on my birthday .. it's not until September but I've already booked the day off.
  15. Very pretty garden Jacee. Will you come and sort mine out please, it looks like a jungle.
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