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  1. didn't help for me, intel guy
  2. I had this happen after I installed sp3. did this happen before?
  3. A friend emailed some emails that he can not open in outlook express (nor can I). They are a jumle of letters and symbols. He gets pop up says these are MIME files and you do not have the right program to open with? Any suggestions?
  4. I had the same trouble and this worked for me: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301
  5. My linksys is on the way out. It only lasted a year and of course the proverbial extra month so the warranty was void. If i get another I will try a dlink this time. But as I only have 1 computer and was using it as an extra "firewall" .It is probably not even necessary for me to have one.
  6. i could not see it listed. on line scan with Norton, Rogue Remover and others tests; Avg/Ewido, spybot ad aware, spywareblaster(on) , Avast,
  7. today if I click on a link posted here or the web, and try to put it into google search bar it says unable to find the correct path? even if I google a page and try to copy link address and paste it into another window it comes back unable to find it. now what have I done?
  8. Think I will give them a try then. will let you know how it works out and most likely be asking more questions. Thanks for the info.
  9. I must be doing someting wrong , I just tried to burn a movie (700) mbs d/l to my h/d and it said transcoding and burning it will take 4 hours and 24 minutes?
  10. I have Nero 7 . What is the quickest way to burn a dvd after it is saved to your hard drive?
  11. Did you have to configure your router at all or port forwarding?
  12. I will look at it also. I will use any that I do not have to configure the router.
  13. Utorrents wants me to reconfigure my router and I would rather not get into that. What torrent application do you use?
  14. I want to try using bIt Torrents. I have a router. I heard i would have to configure the router to allow port forwarding/ Is there any way to use bit torrents without configuring the router? it is a linksys hardwire and I only have the one computer hooked up to it. I like utorrents and maybe azereus. Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Spybot updates go get 'em and don't forget to immunize.
  16. sometimes that appears because of foreign language download. another option would be to download and run startupcpl from http://mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml and you can remove the entries.
  17. I just updated with no problem. I also updated yesterday with no problem.
  18. Sold. I may be back to ask more questions when I use it.
  19. I wanted to do a complete backup onto the external hard drive so when I wipe the internal clean I can transfer the complete operating system (tweaks) files,all programs, etc onto the clean drive. It seems Acronis true image maybe the way to go.
  20. I am wondering if I bought a one touch external hard drive would it be possible to copy everything including my operating system( I have it tweaked the way I want) I know there is a way to clone or ghost it over as I had it done when I put another internal hard drive in. If a pc crashes, would both internal hard drives be affected?
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