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  1. didn't help for me, intel guy
  2. I had this happen after I installed sp3. did this happen before?
  3. A friend emailed some emails that he can not open in outlook express (nor can I). They are a jumle of letters and symbols. He gets pop up says these are MIME files and you do not have the right program to open with? Any suggestions?
  4. I had the same trouble and this worked for me: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301
  5. I have been going through the same thing with my linksys. just started about 2-3 weeks ago. Perfect timing a month after the warranty ran out. No help anywhere. did all the usual plug/unplug. power up etc. all to no avail. Hard to find or hear about a router that most people have had success with. Every brand has some detractor. I only have 1 computer and was using it as an extra firewall. not happy with linksys.
  6. My linksys is on the way out. It only lasted a year and of course the proverbial extra month so the warranty was void. If i get another I will try a dlink this time. But as I only have 1 computer and was using it as an extra "firewall" .It is probably not even necessary for me to have one.
  7. i could not see it listed. on line scan with Norton, Rogue Remover and others tests; Avg/Ewido, spybot ad aware, spywareblaster(on) , Avast,
  8. today if I click on a link posted here or the web, and try to put it into google search bar it says unable to find the correct path? even if I google a page and try to copy link address and paste it into another window it comes back unable to find it. now what have I done?
  9. Think I will give them a try then. will let you know how it works out and most likely be asking more questions. Thanks for the info.
  10. I must be doing someting wrong , I just tried to burn a movie (700) mbs d/l to my h/d and it said transcoding and burning it will take 4 hours and 24 minutes?
  11. I have Nero 7 . What is the quickest way to burn a dvd after it is saved to your hard drive?
  12. Did you have to configure your router at all or port forwarding?
  13. I will look at it also. I will use any that I do not have to configure the router.
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