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  1. The last 3 months leading up to Mom's death with her being in a nursing home, going back and forth between hospital and nursing home has been a learning experience even for an old seasoned Rev-Roy. Just sharing this helps. http://www.middlesborodailynews.com/view/full_story/13508881/article-Loraine-England-Corbin?instance=secondary_stories_left_column Rev-Roy
  2. OK Bruce...are you teaching him windows or linux?
  3. Here is the real reason I had so much fun to the beach last week! http://www.leecountyscenes.com/assets/images/DSCN4683-1__Custom_.JPG
  4. This is so "Not Fair" being that apple pie is my all time favorite! And after a week now of playing with 3 grandsons at the beach and having to leave to drive home searching on the way for a bakery! There ya go Bruce...thanks! Rockin Rev
  5. Sorry Bruce but I have to expose the real reason you work there...it's the adventure of each new day with its surprises! RIGHT.
  6. Naughty Rev ain't the only one who uses this computer but your suggestion did not fix my problem by clearing the cache, however I figured it out from your suggestion and fixed it. Thanks and remember...the evil eye is on ya!
  7. Suddenly without any explanation when I click on GD on the Pit, my screen resolution is huge. Doesn't so it on any other site I click on...any one know what is going on?
  8. Aaawww...come on Bruce. I know what a mirror is....I use one every morning to shave. (Notice I didn't say "comb my hair".) Everyone needs a little humor to start the day and that was certainly a "little".
  9. It is indeed and honor worthy of praise. Congratulations Sue and the rest of your family.
  10. Told the "Boss" about your situation and He has dispatched His Angels to surround you during this time. Rev
  11. http://www.buy.com/prod/23inch-wide-screen-1920x1080pixel-pitch-0-266mmcontrast-ratio-max/q/loc/101/215656353.html?adid=17653
  12. I did and isn't it amazing that his head is no bigger than a coffee bean!
  13. Thanks everyone. The family is recovering from the shock and now that the service is all over, I'm sure they will slowly move on with their lives. Just keep praying. Rev-Roy
  14. My son-in-laws mother.... http://www2.newsadvance.com/lna/news/local...ad_wreck/24797/ Keep our family in your prayers. Rev-Roy
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