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  1. A scheduled scan with PC Matic shows that I have Babylon(fs) but I have done various scans ie Malware Bytes, SAS, Avast and Spyhunter but nothing shows us. I don't know how I got this but is it dangerous and how do I get rid of it. I use Windows 7 64 bit and Chrome Thanks
  2. Thanks I hope this work, will post back. Card not been delivered yet. Iinstalled a new PCI card today and the drivers loaded but it's made no difference, still cannot use videocam
  3. Thanks, I've ordered one from Dabs. When I get the old one out (hopefully) will the usb/fireports come with it so I can fit the new ones. I've fitted memory chips before so it can't be all that different. Will it find its own driver or should there be a disc with the card
  4. I may get the one from Dabs but am worried my videocam won't work with this one either - anyway I'll be no worse off apart from the price of the card. Thanks Could I fit this myself? I've looked at the one in my pc but not sure how to get it out
  5. I already have the legacy driver. The driver on my disc is not for windows 7 (so it says on the box) but it worked in my pc before it was changed to 64 bit. I have read all then issues regardiing firewire and windows 7 but there must be something as some people have 64 bit and their videocams work ok. There must be a pci card out there somewhere or do I have to buy a new videocam
  6. Sorry if I sound a bit thick but is OHCI legacy driver I have installed for the PCI card I have (mentioned earlier) or do I need a new PCI card
  7. There doesn't seem to be anything for windows 7 32 or 64
  8. It's VIA USB.20 firewire combo pci adaptor version 2.70 (Lite). I have the original box which had 2 adaptor cards in it, one with an internal bay and one without. I still have the internal bay card with cables and 2 usb ports, a firewire socket and a mini 1394 socket so it must be the other that's in the pc as mine has 2 usb ports and the firewire socket.. I have the setup disc and installed it but I don't think it was for this version of windows My camera is old, Sharp VL V5H andSharp don't do camcorders now and I've tried to find a driver but no luck This is what I got from Softped
  9. There are no warning triangles in device manager. The driver is OHCI Compliance Host Controller (Legacy). I'm not sure if it's on the mainboard. I had a look inside but not sure, it's just in a white slot. I believe the board is Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 I'm not very technical with the inside or components.
  10. I have recently had an upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit windows 7 and now my old Sharp videocam is not being recognised by my editing program nor Movie Maker. I have changed the firewire card driver to a legacy and and have a new firewire cable and asked around other forums. I am told that 64 bit shouldn't make a difference ad others with old videocams say there's works ok using 64 bit. My computer people are not much help because he says it's because it's 64 bi tand there are no Windows 7 drivers for this firewire but he doesn't use firewire or videocams so cannot help. I am using the sam
  11. Unfortunately it didn't work but thanks for the tip
  12. I've moved the file current.xum to public doc folder. Tried to open Photo Impact, it sticks at opening workspace profile and then closes.
  13. I tried safe mode. The program tried to start and stuck at loading workspace profile. I then got message saying Profile error. The last working profile will be used to run PI properly. It still did not start.
  14. If I uninstall it I haven't got the exe file to reinstall. I've also tried restoring pc to another time before this error happened
  15. The program version is X3 and it's been working fine until recently. The message is The profile: does not exist. 0.0.962 I use Windows 7 and as I said it worked fine until yesterday.
  16. I wonder if anyone knows what this means please. I am trying to open an application PhotoImpact and I am now getting this message. This program is not supported now by Corel and no-one on their forum seems to know what it means. Thanks
  17. Thanks but I don't understand what I'm looking for. I don't want to download anything as don't understand it. I am not very technical. I have looked in Device Manager at the processors etc drivers and it says I have latest drivers
  18. Hi Not sure what I'm looking for on this link. The only thing that changed was the hard drive. In fact the pc boots up and logs off quicker than it did before and it isn't slow. Maybe I'm paranoid abut the memory but this problem wasn't there before. Surely If the drivers weren't installed (which drivers exactly) this would have shown up on Driver Alert. I just like to get all checkered flags on the tests and I don't really understand this problem. Another thing I don't understrand is if the crucial test showed only 64mb memory it wouldn't run as good. I was told you needed 2gb Ram for
  19. I don't understand why this has happened as I only had a new hard drive fitted recently and before with the old HDD this memory issue didn't exist. What could the technician have done and is it something that I can do to put it right. My pc has 2gb RAM Thanks
  20. What do you mean - get larger memory sticks? Does it mean I haven't got 2gb memory?
  21. Thanks for reply. I have looked in pc and can only see 2 memory slots Unless I'n blind) both with sticks, they are coloured purple. Maybe I'm missing something but cannot see where they are
  22. Thanks for reply I have looked in the pc and can only see 2 memory slots both full (unless I'm blind). They are both purple. I presume these won't be hidden anywhere?
  23. This is the result: Your Crucial System Scanner Results Scan Id: 0296B99231D926C3 Our System Scanner couldn't make a complete match, but we can still help you find the right memory upgrade. The following is a list of what our scan was able to detect: System Manufacturer: DIXON System Model: DIXON Motherboard Manufacturer: ELITEGROUP COMPUTER SYSTEM CO.,LTD. Motherboard Model: 945P-M3 Your Computer Specifications 32 MB 32 MB EMPTY EMPTY Maximum Memory Capacity: 4194304 MB Currently Installed Memory: 64 MB Available Memory Slots: 2 Total Memory Slots: 4
  24. How do I update the BIOS, please bear in mind I'm no expert but can access BIOS screen
  25. I wouldn't know, didn't fit the hard drive. I'm no IT person. I've fit memory sticks on an old pc but I don't know what you mean by dual channel so wouldn't know where to look.
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