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  1. Hi everyone I managed to get rid of the files but only doing a backup of the whole folder and then deleting off my hard drive. I don't seem to have had any problems so far. Thanks for advice
  2. I cannot delte the folder as there are other files in there which I need
  3. Hi Thanks for replies I have run clean up but the cab files are still there. When I right click on one it just says copy or extract, no option for deleting.. Any suggestions??
  4. Hi I have found lots of files under Cab files in a folder called Data1. I know some of these are from a program I don't have but I can't delete them. Is it safe to delete cab files anyway?? Thanks
  5. girly


    Thanks all think I've managed to uninstall it at last. Don't think I d/l it with any software, not intentionally anyway.
  6. girly


    It's in add/remove but it keeps coming back and I don't think it's part of a software program
  7. girly


    I do not remember d/l this bundle but when I try to uninstall it, it keeps coming back. Do I need it and if not how do I get rid of it for good. Thanks
  8. Now I'm totally confused. When I look under sounds/audio devices in control panel and look in video codecs there are 14 listed. I d/l Gspot and that says I've 54 video codecs and looking at the list I don't know what most of them are for. Does anyone please know how you can tell what program uses them?
  9. Thanks fly will try your suggestions
  10. Hi How do I find out what video codec I have on my PC (Windows XP Home SP2) Is there an easy way to do this as I think I have a program which is conflicting with codecs from another source and want to disable them if possible to see if my video editing program works. Thanks
  11. girly


    Thanks I think I'll get rid of it
  12. I have just noticed in my user accounts I have an account called ASP.NET Machine A which is password protected. I don't know where this has come from but do I need it?? what/who is it?? Thanks
  13. Hi I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times. The program used to work ok until just a few weeks ago when I get the splash screen and then the error as I mentioned before. The OS thing is a last resort - the only reason I'm bothering is I've pad for this program and for the latest version too which didn't help at all. Thanks for all replies
  14. Thanks for all replies I have posted this issue before about my program that will not open and had help with it but all the suggestions didn't work. The program is ULead which is a video editing program. It was running ok and now it will not open I just get a message which says ULead has encountered a problem and needs to close. ULead's technical people don't seem to be of much help either. I thought there may be a conflict with something else on my pc which was why I was going to start again. If anyone else has any suggestions they will be most helpful. Thanks
  15. Thanks for reply I have SP2 on a disc is that the same as downloading the full installer. I only intend to do this once because I have a program that will not open and have tried everything else so this is my last option to see if the program works.
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