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  1. Hi i have a Packard Bell Imedia 3317 with 3gb ram and i have 2 1 Gb sticks, thier is two free slots as their is 4 slots in total. in slot 2 their is a 1 gb stick in slots three their is a 2gb stick, can i stick more ram in it would it make a diffence to the pc and wot order do i stick them in.
  2. it worked with my daughter pc which is rtunning win 98 and wmp 7. it is like wmp 9 has a copy write protection programme built in it, so how do i do it without running into it
  3. my kids got mp3 players for XMas, the question is how do i get their cds on to the mp3 player, i copied the cd (Original) on to HD then tried to send to MP3 no joy used WMP still no joy keep getting writer protected error. so how do u do it. OS win XP wmp 9
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