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  1. Right, I've managed to get a hijackthis log. Here it is... http://www.littlejones.co.uk/hijackthis.log Any help is greatly appreciated as I have no idea what to do.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I have a further problem which didn't show itself yesterday... I can't shutdown or restart. The only option is Log Off. I can now access Task Manager which I reactivated and I can access Regedit but I don't know how to reactivate Shutdown and Restart. Any ideas?
  3. I managed to access Task Manager by downloading a program... Can anyone see anything suspicious or evil.... www.littlejones.co.uk/taskman.jpg
  4. Hi guys, Just to make it clear to start with, I am the administrator of my laptop, yet I have been taken over by some sadistic virus. Anyway, the symptoms so far are... - Can't open Task Manager (Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator) - The START>RUN feature isn't visible in the start menu, but if I do find another way to access regedit.exe I get the same error 'Regedit.exe has been disabled by your administrator) - I don't use Outlook, but it's is installed on my computer and it alerted me that another program was trying to access the email addresses. Obviously I said no, but it is worrying as I have some important email addresses on my Outlook. Also on the bottom right hand corner of the screen on the taskbar, next to the time it looks like this ?????? By that I mean there are 6 question marks after the time on the taskbar. If I scroll over it shows the date like the time would. Anyway, those are the symptoms so far, and also when I try and open hijackthis it just freezes so I can only assume it is virus related. I've run adaware, avast antivirus etc but no luck. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as new symptoms seem to be appearing since I was infected yesterday. I am just about to do my final year exams and need my computer to revise. I can't afford to waste a day reinstalling XP and all my programs. Thanks guys littlejones
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