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  1. Would really like to install it on my Eee 1005ha but unfortunately the atheros chip does not seem to work very well in Linux. It works fine with some routers (the router in my college dorm for example), but at home and in some campus buildings I either cannot connect or the connection is very poor (several b/s download speed).
  2. Nvidia is dropping support for the nv driver for new cards. http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg/2010-March/049749.html I never said Nouveau was perfect, but I wouldn't call it broken. Edit: Fedora is (and always has been) a test bed distro for new technologies. They ship shiny new things for us to play with (and bug test). At the same time, I can see your point. It would be nice if they offered a way to opt-in to test the Nouveau driver. Perhaps an extra step in the installation explaining the difference between the two and offering the user a choice between them.
  3. Many people experience problems with everything. For Radeon there really is no good alternative besides shipping just with VESA. For Nvidia they cannot ship the proprietary driver, but the people who want that will get it through other sources. Nouveau is a billion times better than the deprecated nv driver and "good enough" for what most people want to do (yes I have used it). Last time I checked BOTH drivers have 3d acceleration, KMS, and support the composite extension (important for the eventual move to Gnome Shell which requires a composited desktop). I could be incorrect but I believe that Red Hat is paying developers to work on both drivers, and Fedora is the test-bed distro for RHEL so I think this move makes sense. Edit: Personally not going to upgrade my machines for a little while. I have a laptop still running Fedora 11 (dad uses it), and my desktop running 12. Everything is working smoothly and if there is anything I have learned it is that when everything is working you don't go around "upgrading" stuff. Still, looking forward to the F13 Moblin spin that was promised on the wiki.
  4. xXenXx

    Fedora 11

    School, work, waiting for Fedora 11, etc.
  5. xXenXx

    Fedora 11

    Hope it doesn't get delayed any further, but glad to hear that they're serious about fixing these things before getting the new version out the door. More information on the delay here.
  6. xXenXx

    smolt project?

    Well depending on how it's being sent, they'll have your ip address anyways.
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    OT, but duanester your sig should read: sudo apt-get remove --purge ms-windows.
  8. See if Opera will let you export your bookmarks as an HTML file.
  9. Try installing the 'build-essential' package.
  10. Short of arming a claymore to go off in the event of the case being opened, if someone has access to your computer then your security is screwed. The best you can do is prevent remote intrusions, and to make it hard enough to get in (with physical access to the machine) to dissuade someone who really isn't that interested. Try setting a BIOS password. There are certain Linux distributions that have drive encryption features if you're paranoid. Also, it's one of the first rules in computer security to never share your password. If your brother needs remote access to the machine, give him a (normal user) account.
  11. He's probably just too busy repairing LCD monitors. I'm sure he'll get back to you soon.
  12. xXenXx


    For finding out what games work on Wine, I recommend this site. http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?...n&iId=11646 http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?...on&iId=7273 Wine frontends are buggy. Wine is usually buggy. It's not finished yet. If you want to play Windows games, the best solution is probably to play them on Windows.
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    I don't believe so.
  14. xXenXx


    Depends what games.
  15. xXenXx


    I've played it, I just don't play it much.
  16. I'm still using Galeon 2. Which version of GTK does Firefox 3 use? I couldn't get the betas to run because they wanted a more recent version than the one I had installed.
  17. I don't think there is one, but I would use it if there was.
  18. xXenXx


    Isn't there a module in Yast for mounting drives? Anyways you could just go with the good old mount commant. mount /dev/nameOfDevice /mount/point
  19. The SLA doesn't say anything about "server usage" AFAIK brandon. It says plain and simple that you can't run a server that will be accessed externally, and if you do then they can cut you off. A NAS being run locally does not break that rule. You're right that most routers these days have web control panels, but (at least in any router I've ever seen) remote access is disabled. Bit torrent pretty much forces you to share files. You can throttle your upload, but any decent torrent site will have a "upload as much as you download" rule. If no one shares, then bit torrent (or any P2P) is essentially dead in the water. leprechanmonkie, that's unfortunate, but please keep graphic thoughts to yourself.
  20. No school for me today because of the wind chill!
  21. I run Debian on all of my computers. The slowest was a Pentium II mobile. It works fine, and I'm not arguing against running a "full" distro on older machines, I'm just arguing against installing Ubuntu/Suse/Fedora on old machines, mainly just because you won't be able to use any of the benefits of those distros very well. Whatever distro you do go with, remember that there are a lot of alternate window managers out there that start almost instantly on older machines. Sawfish is my personal favourite.
  22. If it's running 98, it's likely an older computer. If he likes DSL, let him install DSL. Geesh.
  23. Debian since I joined this forum I think...
  24. Cool, but not difficult to do. You can do it with any of the screensavers that support text in xscreensaver, and you can use any program that prints text to stdout (in this case, cat). I use fortune, it's much more interesting than watching C source code (with some occasional asm) fly by my screen.
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