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  1. Cant go wrong with the AMD, look at the opteron 165, price will go up monday. Overclocks well and doesnt cost much. Gryph
  2. I have had great experience with GSkill. For the one gig sticks I would get the HZ sticks since they are rated for PC4000. Gryph
  3. I like the koolance since that is what I use for my video cards. It is nice and neat and looks good. You could probably make a better Danger Den unit for less and it would cool better but you would have to custom mount it. Gryph
  4. It has been rock solid no matter what I throw at it. Gryph
  5. the PCP&C is the best power supply made so why change your mind. They are rated well below their actual output. Gryph
  6. If you want really good overclocking you are better off with 2x512 OCZ PC4800 but if you are going to be encoding and stuff there has to be a compromise somewhere, I have read a few good threads on the crucial tracer 1g sticks being the best oc'ing 1g sticks. Also you cant go wrong with a VapoChill LS but if it is an everyday all the time machine I would avoid phasechange. Air would be less trouble and less likly to fry something. Sound card- wait for the Creative X-Fi cards, use the onboard 7.1 til then Opical drives- Nec 3540 dual layer DVD burners get the best reviews for the past year and are really cheap, like 45 bucks. Gryph
  7. For what you are saying you do with your computer you would be better off with a dual core for encoding. Here is a list of thihngs I would buy for such a system if money were no object but also not wasting any. CPU- AMD 4800+ dual core Mobo- DFI NF4 SLI-DR HD's 2x WD raptor 74g Raid 0, 400gb seagate sata for storage PSU- PcPower&Cooling 510 SLI Deluxe Memory Crucial 2x1 gig tracer for a total of 2gigs Video cards 2xany 7800gtx, IE XFX 7800 GTX Over Clock Cooling/case- Really a personal preference, any mid/full tower all aluminum case with lots of fans, 120mm fans are better/quieter Speakers-Logitech Z5500, best for the money Monitor- I hate dell but the FP2405 is a good deal 24" wide screen 1920x1600 res I will try to put some links when time allows Gryph
  8. If anyone is interested most of the 6800 non GT cards can be software modded to be nearly a 6800GT. You can use Rivatuner to unlock the other 4 pipes and get scores very close to a 6800GT. After you unlock the pipes the only real difference is the slower memory that the 6800 comes with. http://firingsquad.com/hardware/geforce_68...cking/page2.asp Gryph
  9. They do exist but the are for handheld storage with proprietary connections. Also they are by no means fast, quick or cheap. Gryph
  10. If it is nearly as good as the TP II 480 then I am sure it will be fine. Gryph
  11. From a few posts I have read the EVGA NF4 SLI board that comes free with the purchase of an EVGA 7800GT or GXT is really the same board as the Jetaway board reviewed at Anandtech. Also it turns out that the bios in the EVGA board really does stink but from another thread I saw it is possible to flash it to the Jetaway bios and fix all your problems. I have on on the way and I will let you all know how it turns out. Gryph
  12. 5xx series are 1mb prescotts and have hyperthreading 6xx series are 2mb prescotts and have hyperthreading 8xx are dual cores with 1mb cache each core with no hyperthreading except for the 840ee which is 2 x 3.2 with hyperthreading the xx1 at the end says it is 64 bit ready They really arent that bad to figure out and it says what ghz they run at right on the boxes. The fastest single chip right now is a 3.8ghz or the 3.73ee which has a 1066fsb instead of 800 like ALL of their other chips. Confused yet? Gryph
  13. I am sure they wont cover it after a volt mod fries your card from running 1.8 volts through the core. Any way it is fairly hard to kill a video card without doing a physical modification to it. Gryph
  14. I hear the muskin redline will sometimes go to up that high but you will need lots of volts and the boards you are listing arent good for that. You would be better off with some high end TCCD that will run 2.5-3-3-6 at 300+ and you wont have the motherboard incompatability. Mushkin http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813130491 the Mushkin is rated at PC4000 which is 250mhz, most of the chips like that will do around 260 and a little more but they hit a wall about 270 and will not go higher no matter what. Gskill http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231014 Some of the best TCCD out there, and yes you are paying for memory that is rated to go atleast up to 300mhz plus. Usually this memory will do 2.5-3-3-6 at 300mhz, I know since that is what I use. Gryph
  15. if you had an oem setup disk you could run sysprep and re-enter the number Gryph
  16. yes the 6800 AC coolers fiit the 7800s, all you would need to do is put some kind of ram sink on the rear memory. Asus gets around this by putting all the memory on the front of the card. Gryph
  17. nice looking card but you are not going to fit two of those on a DFI board, the slots are too close together. I tried that setup with the AC coolers on my 6800s and it just wont work. Also just about every 7800 that I have tried will do atleast 500/1350 right out of the box with a stock cooler so I am not impressed at those settings and I would not spend any extra to get them. I would buy the cheapest card I could find and crank it up. All of the 7800s out right now are still the reference design and are exactly the same cards, except for this asus model that has a AC cooler and a high clock speed out of the box but it is still the same card under that cooler. AS far as warranties go I would get the EVGA ones since they now have a lifetime warranty that also covers everything except physical dammage including screwing up a bios flash. Gryph
  18. I just read this on Toms and I like bashing ATI so here is the quote. "ATI, meanwhile, has managed to shoot itself in the foot. The company has still not yet delivered its long-awaited CrossFire chipsets, designed to raise 3D performance with dual graphics cards, despite achieving good results with them. " Seriously I have nothing against ATI and I have had lots of ATI cards that were very good but there is no excuse for not having these out yet. Gryph
  19. if you already have one stick of 512 corsair I would say your best bet is just get a macthing stick for it and end up with 1 gig Gryph
  20. I found a couple generic samsung 1g sticks that will run 230 mhz 3-3-3-7 1t and they will go higher but I didnt have any luck going to 240. I am not sure about what clocks you are looking for but I have read about some crucial ballistix tracer that will run up to 270 or 280 before they crap out. Gryph
  21. Sho I think we should put that FX-57 on my vapo with the two watercooled 7800s and see what kind of scores we can get. muhahahahah. Gryph
  22. Give us an idea of what you have to spend and what mostly what you will use it for. I am sure a few people will give you suggested system setups. Gryph
  23. I have one remark about the 1.5 cas setting. You can set that in the bios on a few motherboards but the AMD cpu does not support 1.5 cas. So if you do set 1.5 cas then you simply will be running 2.0cas since the memory controller is on the cpu and NOT the motherboard. I read that in a comment from AMD. Gryph
  24. that is nearly the most absurb thing ever. You need a special programming rig just to write to the spd chip on the ram. To even think or say that some virus is going to write to it from your computer borders on the insane. Gryph
  25. Generally speaking the value GSkill tends to overclock very well. There is a possibility that any memory that you buy that is rated at PC3200 will not overclock very well at all but if you buy higher rated memory (PC4400) it is garaunteed to at least go as high as it is rated. For an example my GSkill 4400 has gone up to 315 fsb which tranlates to about PC5000+. I would also stay away from any memory that requires 3.2v or more to achieve its rated timings. Like the OCZ PC4000VX. It really only works good in DFI NF4 boards with lots of votlage and even then there have been stability issues. Gryph
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