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  1. Acer desktop Windows Vista Business, yes VISTA activated at factory, still not bought yet!
  2. Those CM scores are all over the place and not at all consitant. You should just check and see what you have running in the background and see what is taking up your CPU cycles.
  3. Looks good to me Flew!
  4. You should not have to change the jumper setting to make it work in an external enclosure but sometimes if it is not recognized then changing the jumper cant hurt. It is worth a try to see if it shows then.
  5. Right now even if the drivers actually let you use quad sli (which they dont) your score would be just as cpu limited as two overclocked 7900gxt's are. I know from trying all the settings that the cpu clock scales the score way up and raising the video clocks really isnt worth tha much comparatively.
  6. Gryph

    New Rules

    From what I read on the rules page you still can NOT use quad core or dual dual cores and also it still says SLI is fine but a dual video card max, so that would mean that Quad SLI is out also. Unless there is another post I missed about them being allowed now. Gryph
  7. The only rules are TRP has to win. Besides that anything goes
  8. Gryph

    New Rules

    It looks like more than one forum will have a few conroe scores up so now it will be a good competition. I wish Ray had made up his mind in the first place when Sho and I asked him about the conroes a month ago. It would have never turned out this ugly. Now to get my scores up! Gryph
  9. I believe they are the wrong socket for that board, S479 is a mobile socket and you have to use that Aopen 975board to use those chips. Also the Merom is still prerelease and hence now illegal for the competition according to Rays new made up rulez.
  10. I just got my new hardware so I will be putting up some scores sometime next week when I get all of the benches run. I can assure you my scores will be very good. Not sure if I can beat Sho though, he has a very nice setup and I have seen his prelim scores. Will be hard to beat without cheating or changing the rules at the last minute, but I have seen that happen already so I am prepared for it this time. Gryph
  11. Acually I thinkk the cpu goes off of the 4 pin 12v connector, hey thats why they added that one in the first place. I am sure it uses some from other wires in the main connector also but the majority is most likely from the 12v 4pin mb connector. Gryph
  12. 48 amps is correct. Amps equals watts, in this case 67, divided by volts, you opty, 1.35-1.4. And by max case temp of 71C they mean the cpu can dissipate its heat with a stock cooler as long as the internal case temp is below 71C. Now we know that a case would never get that hot so you should never have a problem. Gryph
  13. Miggs dont worry about that MB running hot, thats just the way they are on that board. It never causes a problem. It is very hard to change anyway since the video cards are right on top of it. Just remove it clean it up and put some on it. As far as a good HSF for the cpu I like the Zalman 7700cu bu the XP90's are very good as well. Gryph
  14. If you are really thinking about high end water systems you should really think about grabbing a Vapo or something. Highend water isnt cheap and you can prolly find a good used Vapo for about 400 that will do way better than any water setup. There are pros and cons to every setup but I am really happy with my vapo. I also have a Exos2 with maze 4 blocks for the video cards but I am not even using the water right now. I get about the same o/c on water as I do air it is only the temp that stays lower with the water. Now when I volt mod the cards I will put them under water because I will need the better cooling with more volts. Gryph
  15. Doing great, new competition brought me out of the woodwork, as it were. As far as coolbits, it work ok and is easy since it integrats with the Nvidia driver. It however has to test all the changes you make and often wont let you get the most out of the card, especially in SLI. Power Strip will let you do whatever you want with the clocks, so go slow and watch for artifacts. Gryph
  16. Just download and install Power Strip. Easy fast and it works. http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/ps.shtm Riva Tuner would work better but it doesnt support all the new cards yet. Gryph
  17. Cant go wrong with the AMD, look at the opteron 165, price will go up monday. Overclocks well and doesnt cost much. Gryph
  18. My guess is thast they need a better power supply. 2x7800GTX 512 would use a ton of power. Gryph
  19. For around 200 bucks you cant beat the X800GTO2 sapphire. Is really a full 16 pipe card in disgiuse. Gryph
  20. Is that what you are currently using now? If so the first thing I would do is get a new monitor. Something in the 19 inch LCD or up range. Or whatever monitor you happen to like, make sure if it is an LCD and you game a lot that you look for a low latemcy panel, 8ms or around there. Next I would think about the video card. Something like a 7800gt or over. Maybe a X1800XL when they come down to a more reasonable price. Gryph
  21. I like the koolance since that is what I use for my video cards. It is nice and neat and looks good. You could probably make a better Danger Den unit for less and it would cool better but you would have to custom mount it. Gryph
  22. I am am very happy with My Vapo and from what I have read the vapo will hold better temps under load than the Mach II. Not by much but every little bit helps. I sent mine off to Chilly1 on XS to have it modded so hopefully when it comes back I will see even better temps. Gryph
  23. That motherboard requires the 24 pin connector from the power supply. That is why at the bottom it says "- ATX v2.0 compliant PSU Required for PCI-E Graphics/Motherboard" Some motherboards will work the way you have it hooked up 20pin from the power supply to the 24 pin on the motherboard, some wont. You can try it but if you start having weird problems like not being to load windows or crashing for no good reason you will most likely have to get an ATX 2.0 compliant power supply. Antec NeoPower 480W ATX2.0 PSU (CA-022-AN) or something like that should work perfectly. The power supplies that come with cases are generally very weak and cause all sorts or problems. Gryph
  24. I am sure there are others out there but partition magic is the only one that comes to mind at the moment. Gryph
  25. I tried making a slip stream cd with sp1 included in it and I never could get it to work. If you decide to try you will only need your original XP cd to get an image from. Then once you make the slip strem cd that is what you will use that to load windows. So the theory goes. Gryph
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