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  1. I never got that PM. I am thinking of it two ways. He had over a month to put something up, or atleast list his proper hardware. Or I would like to see what "optimizations" he pulls out of his butt. Any way enough bashing, I say let him put some scores up ASAP Gryph
  2. You have to do a hard mod to the cards if you want more volts. http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=3330&s=2 If you wan the guide how to do it Gryph
  3. Here is a quick test of CM8 and 9. You can clearly see how the memory is calculated differently. I say we have that score thrown out, or we can calculate what is was supposed to by the link he did submit. Gryph
  4. If that calculation was applied to my CM mem score my Mem score would be 67275!! http://crystalmark.info/CrystalMark/09en/r...ng.php?ID=60459 I hope this gets fixed Gryph
  5. We already knew TRP had a way to cheat in CM, that is why it is weighted so heavily. Even a conroe doesnt meet that memory score beast has. Not to mention you are running 5+Ghz and his is at 3.7ghz. Faster Cpu ALWAYS means faster memory scores. It is a shame they feel the need to change the rules and cheat at their own competition just so they can win. Next time the can go F themselves afaiac. Gryph
  6. Both good choices. Stock the 4200 would be a bit faster just from the extra 400mhz. They will both OC about the same, around 2.6-2.7 on air. So fully OC for on air use the Opty would be slightly faster from the 2x1mb cache. Also realize you need a very high HTT speed to OC well with the Opty so the MB becomes an issue. I have had good and bad ones of both chips so it really matters if you get a good or bad one. Gryph
  7. Doing great, new competition brought me out of the woodwork, as it were. As far as coolbits, it work ok and is easy since it integrats with the Nvidia driver. It however has to test all the changes you make and often wont let you get the most out of the card, especially in SLI. Power Strip will let you do whatever you want with the clocks, so go slow and watch for artifacts. Gryph
  8. Just download and install Power Strip. Easy fast and it works. http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/ps.shtm Riva Tuner would work better but it doesnt support all the new cards yet. Gryph
  9. Cant go wrong with the AMD, look at the opteron 165, price will go up monday. Overclocks well and doesnt cost much. Gryph
  10. I have had great experience with GSkill. For the one gig sticks I would get the HZ sticks since they are rated for PC4000. Gryph
  11. I like the koolance since that is what I use for my video cards. It is nice and neat and looks good. You could probably make a better Danger Den unit for less and it would cool better but you would have to custom mount it. Gryph
  12. It has been rock solid no matter what I throw at it. Gryph
  13. the PCP&C is the best power supply made so why change your mind. They are rated well below their actual output. Gryph
  14. exactly what do you want to tweak and what are your settings now?
  15. If you want really good overclocking you are better off with 2x512 OCZ PC4800 but if you are going to be encoding and stuff there has to be a compromise somewhere, I have read a few good threads on the crucial tracer 1g sticks being the best oc'ing 1g sticks. Also you cant go wrong with a VapoChill LS but if it is an everyday all the time machine I would avoid phasechange. Air would be less trouble and less likly to fry something. Sound card- wait for the Creative X-Fi cards, use the onboard 7.1 til then Opical drives- Nec 3540 dual layer DVD burners get the best reviews for the past year and are really cheap, like 45 bucks. Gryph
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