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  1. Yes scaring the kids with wreckless dangerous driving in icy conditions is always a fun thing to do. Endangering the children is always recommended! HA!
  2. HAHAHA! Yeah good luck buddy! I'm sure the women are flo cking to that...NOT! Excuse me but why the heck is the word flo cking filtered...whatever!!!!!!
  3. Why would anyone be afraid of Daddy Long Legs?
  4. Apparently he's using some different name than was listed under the birthdays, it shows almost 2 years since any activity. Oh well...
  5. Only 2 have been here in YEARS...
  6. And whatever you do, do not use your cell number either! They have been putting bogus charges on cell phone bills from filling out stuff in the internet!
  7. Not that handy myself but the device does appear to me that that is what your problem is! It's the logical explanation.
  8. OH that's a nice dream...I remember a Star Trek movie where Piccard says their society doesn't use a currency anymore...HAHA...fat chance! Like everyone else has said...human nature just wouldn't allow it. GREED is always going to be there. There will always be the fat cat no matter what. But what is starting to become more and more obvious is that the way things operate now is NOT WORKING!
  9. Just talking about this yesterday! Where has common sense gone? What I love is when you post something at a forum and say "use common sense" and someone tries to explain to you that "common sense" is subjective. HAHA...pretty good guess that person has NO clue what common sense is and does not practice it!
  10. I think I saw her at the mall today...HAHAHA! That's just plain old nasty!!!!!!!!
  11. Funny your hair looks long and flat as a pancake to me! If you wore your hair like I did in the 80s, today, you would certainly draw stares and snickers! http://homepage.mac.com/johnandlis/Yet_Ano...entry323_14.jpg We still have hundreds of albums too but seldom ever listen to anything more than instrumental music.
  12. That's about as skanky as skanky can get!
  13. I can't imagine getting a permanent anything on my body...my tastes change too fast. Heck, I get tired of perfume after a couple times of using it! After a year of wearing a Tshirt, I take it to the thrift shop. Styles change...tattoos don't...YIKES! At age 20, my tastes were nothing as they are at my old age....if I had put something permanent on my body at age 20...I can most assuredly tell you I'd hate it now! Looking back, I was dumber than a box of rocks at age 20! And believe you me, I thought I knew everything about everything and had all the answers! Just looking back and thanking my lucky stars I didn't permanently inflict the 80s on my body! Back in my 20s (the 80s) my entire life revolved around heavy metal music, getting drunk, going to the beach every weekend and getting the best tan of anyone! Wearing purple eyeshadow, Don Dokken hair teased up 6 inches high, spandex pants and 4 inch stiletto heals. Imagine how ridiculous I'd look now if those styles of the 80s weren't easily removed! HAHA! Now I never listen to music hardly ever, I stay out of the sun to protect myself from wrinkles, haven't gotten drunk in several years, wear jeans and Tshirts and tennie shoes daily. I'm just wondering how the children will react when they see some hideous tattoo on Daddy and are too afraid to go near him because he has devils on his arms and have nightmare about the tattoo coming off daddy's arm and getting them...HAHAHA!
  14. Just put it this way, I would be afraid of anyone with satanic images tattooed on their body! What possible reason(if not malevolent) would someone have an image of satan (demons) permanently painted on their bodies? I've never heard of good demons.
  15. Yes that's a saying alright but if a book had demons and skulls and devils all over the cover, would you not think it was a horror novel? See what I'm saying? Why would a good person with a kind heart have demons tattooed on their bodies? I can't see any other reason to tattoo yourself with evil looking images unless you are an evil person inside. I'm not saying this because I'm some religious extremist...on the contrary, I do not believe in god or satan for that matter. But I do know what satanic images mean!
  16. And why would someone not think you were evil with skulls and demons tattooed on your body? I mean what's a person supposed to think you are? People don't want to be judged by their appearance but WTH? If I see someone with satanic stuff tattooed on their body, I don't get the impression they would be NICE PEOPLE...see what I'm saying? And having a topless lady tattoo isn't portraying a very wholesome image either. I know you don't want people to think you are bad but what's someone supposed to think. What if someone walked into my home and I had satanic pictures hanging all over my house? Wouldn't they think I was kind of whacked?!
  17. Yeah, the circus is a good job prospect for someone covering in tat2s! When I see someone that has their arms and/or legs covered in tats...it makes me feel very scared! Maybe they are OK people but to me it's just scary looking! I think of neo nazi skin heads or something equally scary!
  18. Those are scary! Not a fan of the tats! I think you have to be Tommy Lee to pull off/justify something like that!
  19. "now "bohunk" can refer to most any Catholic Slavic immigrant" Well we use the word to refer to ourselves...just kind of like calling yourself a "redneck". When someone in the family fixes something with duct tape we say that "we bohunked it". His pillows would be a Bohunk garage...haha!
  20. Well pretty much all my relatives are from Czechoslovakia...we've always been called Bohunks. I'm not real sure exactly what a Bohunk is but I think it's a slang for Czechs. I've never thought of it as bad. I bet if you don't know what a Bohunk is then you probably aren't one...HAHA!
  21. Love the windshield protector...you must be a Bohunk? That looks exactly like something my Daddy would have come up with...HAHAHA!
  22. Maybe the company is already throwing up red flags from others that have reported them?! If you haven't reported them yet, you need to NOW!
  23. This is just another twist on an old lottery scam. They tell you that you've won and you go to your bank and cash the check so you can give them the cash(they've told you it will cover the taxes) so they'll give you a bigger check later(your winnings). The bank cashes the check no problemo but then in a couple day, after you've given them the cash, the bank lets you know the check was no good and they get their money back from you and you are OUT the money you gave the scammers.
  24. But Bruce said otherwise and Bruce knows everything about everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So how can that be??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!
  25. I've never heard of such! I think I'll never go to a video store again! Hell, they can't even approach someone stealing something at Walmart unless security sees them! At least that's what I've heard anyway...from someone that saw someone shoplifting and tried to tell security. They said that unless they actually see them do it they cannot do anything! So that's just crazy that the video store sees a stolen video and accuses the last person there? NUTS! This is what I would do...I would contact as high up management as I could find for this store and rip them a new A HOLE!!!!!!!
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