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  1. Yeah, I agree...it's too watered down Just what were they thinkin'?
  2. I bought a 12 pack of Coke Zero because I had bought a 20 oz. one at the convenience store and thought it tasted pretty good but after the 12 pack was consumed I didn't like it anymore. It has the weird taste that I can't put my finger on like Cloves or something. If I had to choose between Dt. Coke or Coke Zero though, I'd have to choose Coke Zero. Of diet sodas I agree with BB on his choices...those are the better, I can't drink a soda with sugar because it gets my blood sugar all screwed up and that ain't pretty! I also have found dt. A&W rootbeer to be really good too I just bought the new Dt. Oceanspray Orange drink and found it disgusting...I thought that Splenda was supposed to taste more like sugar without the saccharine after taste? That's BS!!!!!!!! I wrote to Oceanspray to tell them their new drink was NASTY so now they are going to send me a coupon for some free Oh goody...more free nasty drink...can't wait...haha!
  3. No I haven't noticed that before but I'll have to look the next time I see a commercial showing a burger that looks like they can barely put their hands(both of them) around it but when you buy one it's about 3" in diameter and you can hold it with 2 fingers
  4. I love a french dip sandwich...I recently went to Quiznos for that new Prime Rib sandwich and was disappointed in it, it looked nothing like it does in the commercials and really just tased like roast beef. It was good but not like they make it look...sorry louses!!!!!!! Don't you just love how commercials make burgers and sandwiches look and then when you buy them they are all smushed and wet and yucky! Arby's roast beef sandwich looks like there's 2 inches of beef on it on TV but when you buy it you say "where's the beef?" Isn't there some kind of false advertising law against that?
  5. This girl didn't say she was 13...she said she was 18 and there are many 18 year old women and older with profiles on MySpace
  6. OH right, I'm sure that 20 something guys are asking women for their IDs...give me a break! Dating lesson number one...always ask for a valid driver's license
  7. If they are small enough and they scratch your feet...couldn't you put those non-slip stickers thingys for the tub...they don't look terrible and they'd keep you from scratching your foot. There is a product for this available at like Home Depot for patching fiberglass but I'd say only for small spots.
  8. I'm talking about the guy that this thread is about...he believed she was 18 so how is that a child predator, he's a victim of a con...I mean the guy is only 25. There's nothing wrong with a 25 year old man dating an 18 year old! Authorities might oughta delve into this kids history and see if she may have been sexually abused to cause this type of behavior.
  9. If this man was a "child predator" he wouldn't have been after 18 year old women
  10. I hardly feel sorry for this 13 year old lying little teenager! I guess it's wise for anyone striking up a relationship over the internet to ask for ID and do a background search or be accused of being a pedophile...but how many people really do that(check IDs)? Personally I think that the man is the real victim...I mean he thought she was 18 years old...hey, when I was 13, I could buy booze at any store in town!
  11. Although I used to like Sammy Hagar pre-VH...I don't think that Hagar's voice went with the VH music. Ummm....who hit DLR with that ugly stick?
  12. Thanks for the warning...I'll avoid it at all cost!
  13. I fully agree that DLR was better in VH than Sammy but what the heck happened to DLR...is he stoned or did he just do so many drugs that he fried his brain?
  14. That didn't last long! Did they really think DLR could do a radio show?
  15. Thanks for all the information and help
  16. Yeah, the compresser went out on it like I said, after 2 years
  17. I doubt ever...the compressor went out after 2 years so as far as I know, that's the last any A/C work was done. So you think maybe the freon just needs recharged...would this mean it has a leak or is it normal for an A/C of this age to need recharging?
  18. My '96 Chevy Tahoe's A/C is blowing colder than the vent but it just isn't good and cold...what could be the cause. I always thought that either an A/C worked or it didn't....but could this be just low freon/refrigerant?
  19. Where I used to live, there were bees, wasps, yellow jackets, etc flying all around all the time in the warmer months. The only time I was ever stung is when I mowed over their nest in the ground..oh yeah and one time when I was trying to kill one with spray. Bottom line is...they only mess with you if you mess with them. I got to where I didn't even see them anymore...I just went about my business and so did they They really do have their purpose in this world
  20. That's not even legal either!!!!!
  21. Well of course there are Amway people that live in mansions and drive Mercedes'...there are also Walmart employees that live in mansions and drive Mercedes' but those are few and far in between. Most of the people that work for Wallyworld are making just above minimum wage with a few of the higher-ups making all the money! Tell your buddy that when he is making so much money he can buy a home on the shore that you'll see that it's not a bunch of BS and will think about getting into it then
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