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  1. Pretty much takes 49 forevers to do anything here....
  2. Weird, I don't like it....but who cares...
  3. That's what I was thinking...why's it such a secret?
  4. And that's why I've only posted in PD like two times...I learn my lessons very quickly!
  5. If only it were a perfect world...IT'S NOT! There is a warning posted at the top of PD for a reason! Warning reads: Please read and obey the rules of the PC Pitstop forum. Be aware that as much latitiude as possible will be given to those posting political positions and opinions. This is not the place for those who are easily offended. It's expected that all members will be treated with respect but the same may not be true for politicians, candidates, countries, or ideologies. If you are not prepared to hear exactly how someone feels about things of a political nature
  6. Personally I think that most people need to stay out of PD unless you are just looking for a fight. There are people posting over there that are either totally crazy or they are just pretending to be crazy just for the purpose of starting a fight...I haven't quite figured that one out just yet. I can't honestly believe that some of the things that people post about there(in PD) could actually be anyone's real views...if they are...then lord help us all!!!!!
  7. There seems to be a lot of those "I'm leave the 'such and such forum'" threads going on these days!
  8. Yeah or the option to create an album in the Your Account area? Thanks! ETA: Another thing is that once you put a picture in the album first, it stays the front page picture forever! No matter if I changed the order, the first picture I add to the album stays as my cover picture. That's why I deleted the album is because I was trying to change them around and couldn't so I just said "oh screw it" and deleted it thinking I'd just start from scratch.
  9. I deleted the album I had to create a new one and now there's no way to create it again that I can find???? WTH???
  10. Although I'm not a ghost skeptic, I have to say it just looks like curtains to me...kinda like looking for shapes in the clouds.
  11. Huuum....that was fun while it lasted! I guess that answers the question "Is the ghost friendly?" Muuuuuaaaaah! HAHAHA!
  12. Hurry and get this fixed...I WANT TO SEE THE GHOST!!!!!!!
  13. No, they used to print in color and just suddenly stopped...hense the color ink cartridges that he already replaced. I believe my brother to be technologically challenged but not much! HA!
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