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  1. Try installing ubuntu-restricted-extras
  2. markcynt

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    Have you ever tried Amarok Adam?
  3. markcynt

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    I use KDE apps on Gnome all the time and Gnome apps on KDE. Never had any problems. I think the only negative is that the apps might not be as tightly integrated into the desktop environment.
  4. markcynt

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    Glad to here it worked out for you Adam.
  5. markcynt

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    I just installed Banshee in Ubuntu 10.04. Before that I installed ubuntu-restricted-extras. Plays mp3's fine.
  6. markcynt

    Codec Missing

    Try deleting or renaming ~/.config/banshee-1/ Then restart Banshee. I just installed Banshee. Never used it before. Seems like a nice media player. It's working fine for me in openSUSE. Which distro are you running Banshee in?
  7. markcynt

    Codec Missing

    Did you try deleting or renaming the configuration/settings files?
  8. markcynt

    Codec Missing

    Did you figure this one out Adam?
  9. markcynt

    Codec Missing

    What's the error message say? Check out this thread in Ubuntu forums.
  10. While the new format may not be good for you KRAM I like it that way, but it would be better if they listed the out-of-pocket price without having to click to see it. I don't think it's crooked though. JMO
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