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  1. Thanks Don, it worked perfectly!!! Char
  2. Hi Jacee - I know this post is old, but could you please tell me how to capture an image. I am truly a novice when it comes to computers. Thanks
  3. Before going forward with the following, check with people on here who could say if it is right or wrong: Click Start>Run, then copy and paste each individual line below into the Run box, one at a time, and click OK or press enter after each one. Then restart your computer and try Windows Updates again. If it makes it any easier you can copy and paste the whole group into notepad and then Cut and Paste each line instead of copy and paste. That way you won't lose track of your progress. regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system32\wuweb.dll regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system32\wups2.dll
  4. Believe me, I am no computer geek, but had a similair problem. You can ask the other guys if I'm on the right track. Do you have windows installer 3.1 installed?
  5. It seems to be ok as long as I don't have to restart the computer. Thanks Char
  6. If I could show you a picture of the page I would, but don't know how to do that
  7. I wanted to thank you also for your reply, didn't mean to ignore you. Thanks!! Char
  8. Yes Jacee, I have run an antivirus scan and also an antispyware scan as of yesterday. I'm using Norton antivirus 2008 as of right now, till the subscription runs out, , and ad aware 2008. I really don't think there is a problem with malware, but I am a true novice and know hardly anything about computers. I have been reading a lot of the posts on here trying to understand particulars, but I don't think that will ever happen.....lol! Thanks Jacee Char
  9. That's what I do to get it started, but then when I reboot my computer, I have to go back and do it again. I don't want to have to keep starting it, so that is why I'm asking if there is something else I should be doing. Thanks Char
  10. I have windows xp sp2. When I go to start>control panel>security center, I get this message: Security Center is currently unavailable because the "Security Center" service has not started or was stopped. Please close window, restart computer (or start "security Center service) and then open the security center again. I can get the security center started, but if I have to reboot, it has to be restarted again. Hope I was able to explain this better this time. Sorry for the confusion. Char
  11. Actually, it's the security center page in control panel, not my security that's shutting off.
  12. Everytime I have to restart my computer, my security center turns off. I know how to get it started again, but is there a way to make it stop turning off when I reboot? Char
  13. Another question!! I have a phishig filter box that comes up and asks if I want to turn it on or not, what's recommended here. Thanks again. Char
  14. Thank you for knowing where I'm coming from, surely appreciate it. I have downloaded ie7 and will probably get firefox to. Yahoo recommends the firefox, but I should I do it from them?
  15. You,ve helped me in the past Don and I appreciate it. I am an older woman and I don't know much about computers except for the basics. If I were to download firefox 3, would that eliminate my ie6? I'm not sure if ie6 is suppose to be in my add/remove programs or not. I have checked, and it isn't. I feel like my questions are really stupid sometimes compared to some I have read. Just bare with me Char
  16. I know I'm WAAAAAAY behind the times, but I still have IE6 and was told that it isn't a safe bet to have it anymore and should update to IE7. Any recommendations? Thanks
  17. I recently had my power suppy go out on my emachine, and it took the mother board with it. I was told that the power supply, BESTEC, is not a very good one. Needless to say, it was replaced with something other than BESTEC.
  18. Forgive me for being so stupid Mark, but where do I find the temporary folder.
  19. I have not installed it, but it is downloaded. I would like to remove the download if possible
  20. Since sp3 downloaded, and I don't wish to install it at this time, is there a way to eliminate the download?
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