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  1. Hi again Mark, I just got through reading about it on norton and they recommend leaving it unchecked. Now I'm between a rock and a hard place.
  2. Yes there is, it says "windows security center alert settings", and under that there is a box, which is unchecked, that says "show messages from windows security center. Should this be checked?
  3. Hi Mark - So I'm ok to download it with the free version of adaware?
  4. Hi Zowie - I have my security updates set to notify me before downloading and installing, so everything on the page is working, firewall, virus protection from Norton, etc. It's only when I have to restart my puter that I have to restart the security center page. Still haven't got it sorted out yet. I was asked to download malwarebytes but haven't done so as yet. I really don't think it's a malware problem, but then again, you never know. Thank you for your reply.
  5. Cause this one is getting so long.......
  6. forgot to thank you GUY!! Should I start a new thread on this subject?
  7. So, in other words, my adaware is a stand alone?
  8. OOOOPS, maybe you're not online.....
  9. Hi Law, thank you also for your reply. It seems at this time, you are the only one that is online....
  10. I'm sorry back for not getting here sooner. By real time, do you mean automatically scan? Like I told Mark, I have the free version of adaware, which I scan myself. So, can I download malwarebytes?
  11. Sorry it took so long to get back here. As for your question about setting Mark, I do set it for automatic. I have the free version of adaware, so I manually have to scan. This isn't a problem for downloading malwarebytes, is it? I know you said to update, which I will do, and also you said save the logs. Since I'm unfamiliar with this program, is there a tab that says save logs.
  12. Hi Mark - Just got to the forum and saw your reply. Is it ok that I have AdAware before downloading malwarebytes? Also, someone told me to create a restore point before downloading anything, is this necessary? Will do tomorrow, too tired right now. Thank you for your reply.
  13. Believe me, I am not computer literate and to ask me to do that is out of the question.... Security page remains fine until I restart the computer, then I have to set it up again through services.msc. Maybe there's something I'm not doing that could keep this from happening. I want to thank you for trying to help me. Char
  14. My friend actually told me to do it that way and it works out fine. Now back to original question, why should I have to always go to services.msc to start the security page again after restarting my computer? I always run my antivirus and adaware and they take care of any problems, which to this point have been small. I am always updating also.
  15. Maybe photobucket doesn't have a new feature, and I just screwed up......
  16. when I do that, the pics are in full scale
  17. Didn't quite get it right, can't click on pics!!
  18. gonna give this a shot, and knowing me it will probably not work Going to paste 2 pics of my security center, hopefully. One where security is on and the other where it is not. Question is, why do I have to go to services.msc to reset page everytime I restart computer? I think I did it!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. You guys are too much....... I'll try 1 of the directions you gave me Don. Haven't figured out which one yet, probably the easier one Gotta go babysit granddaughter but will try when I get home. You both have a great day and thanks again for the help!!!!
  20. I just signed up with photobucket.
  21. What do I do to paste that pice somewhere else, like here for instance?
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