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  1. In my case, there are NEVER any dumb answers.....lol
  2. I appreciate you answering all my questions. I know they're pretty dumb, but thanks again.
  3. I'll do that then, thanks. Another question. does mbam usually have updates everyday? When I check, there always seems to be one....lol.
  4. Think I got it now Guy lol, thank you again. There is a log saved, should I post it here to show you?
  5. Thank you, I'm not sure I understand all you said, but will keep in quarantine for a few days. I'm really not to good with puters, but I think I've mentioned this before. Thank you again for your response.
  6. Would anyone care to pick up where Jacee left off? Would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, FINALLY installed it as of yesterday. I first ran the update then a quick scan. It did find a few things and I was left with the option of removing and then restarting my puter. These items are now in quarantine. Am I suppose to remove them from there? Sorry I'm such a dunce, just not familiar with it. I just did another quick scan and it came back clean. Any input much appreciated. Thanks Char
  8. I also received notice for the IE 8 update. I didn't realize that it was a security update. I didn't download either, not ready yet.
  9. Thank you all for the help! Appreciate it very much.
  10. Thanks stormy, but where do I find the Quicktime folder?
  11. How can I stop quicktime from the startup when I turn my computer on? Thanks Char
  12. Thanks again Mark. I didn't know about the custom download so thank you for that info! Char
  13. Hi Stormy, with the adobe problems, I just decided to go with foxit. I did see the google toolbar where you would have to uncheck.... Thank you Char
  14. Hey Jacee, I unchecked it before the download and install. Went back to make sure it wasn't there. Thanks for the input.Char
  15. I've just installed foxit reader and noticed an ebay icon on my desktop after the install. Can I get rid of this and how? Also, can I delete adobe reader and adobe flash player active x from my add/remove programs? Thanks Char
  16. I guess because I don't use adobe, I never really thought about upgrading. I'm an older granny that uses the puter for emailing and searches, and I don't know how to do half the stuff that everyone on here does. As for foxit reader, would I download that first and then remove adobe from add/remove programs. Please bear with me when I say I know nothing about puters.
  17. Is this fix for windows xp, cause if so, when I was trying to perform the steps, it gave me 3 options: ignore, cancel, or retry. I wasn't sure what to do so I cancelled
  18. I have adobe 7, I know, it's outdated, but, is this an issue I will have to address in the future?
  19. Thank you very much, sorry I wasn't able to figure things out. I appreciate the help you gave me...
  20. Yes, I got it, thank you very much!!
  21. One thing I did was change my regular email. The account I had listed was an old one and I've since gotten rid of it. Could this be the problem?
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