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  1. I've noticed a lot in this forum that people have been told to remove these, as they're not needed. Just wondering if I should remove them from my add/remove programs also? Thanks in advance!! Char
  2. Found the answer to my question. To install only installs the active x.
  3. We have to stop meeting like this, people might talk.... I checked my add/remove programs and it is installed. I went to the site you provided and clicked on validate windows and a box opened that said to install or don't. I didn't do anything. Would this only check it it were installed but not install the tool again? Can you understand what I'm saying cause I sure can't....
  4. Yes the genuine validation does, as a matter of fact, it has 3 damaged. I haven't been having any problems, so hopefully this isn't a big deal, just wish I knew what the damaged meant. I transferred all my info from another computer to this one last year, could that be a possible reason? Thanks for putting up with me mme, appreciate it!!!
  5. Sorry about the double post, didn't realize I did it
  6. Here are just a few that say damaged: Rc Setup class - This belonged to the internet answering and voicemail when I had dialup, Buzme was the program. Probably could delete this one? Symantec download manager symantec RuFSI Utility class windows genuine advantage validation tool These are just 3 of 14. All my Java are fine (3)
  7. Hi mme, I tried updating a couple of them but the damage was still under the dependency tab. Nothing seems to be wrong, just curious what the damage might mean. PCPITSTOP utility did update, but unsure actually happened after the update. What now....should I just leave it alone? Char
  8. Hi again, Just checking different things on my computer, and when I right click on a downloaded program file (Like PcCPITSTOP UTILITY) and then click on dependency, it says damaged. Some programs have more than 1 damage listed under where it says size (bytes). The only program that does not show damaged is my Java Runtime Environment. Is this something I should worry about? Char
  9. Thank you again stormy, think I finally have it.... Char
  10. So I will need adobe flash even though I don't have reader, right? Thank you for the reply stormy. Char
  11. I actually have 2 questions as you can probably see. Will foxit notify if there are any updates, and if not where would i go to find out? Although I do not have Adobe reader, do I still need adobe flash player? Thanks as usual. Char
  12. I went in under advanced tab and unchecked the jqs, This won't be a problem will it?
  13. Hi Stormy - Sorry, somehow I missed your reply, but did as you had suggested. The only thing in task manager is jqs.exe.
  14. Believe it or not, I actually figured this one out for myself!
  15. Hi geewhiz - Where do I go to disable the updater? Thank you for your reply Char
  16. Another question. I have finally downloaded java and would like to know if I will be notified when there are new updates? Thanks again for the help from all of you. Char
  17. Thank you all for your replys, very much appreciated. Believe me, if I have any more questions, I will ask.
  18. Sorry Juliet, but when you say download it to desktop, do you mean I should click on the save and not the run?
  19. Feel really stupid, but is that the offline one and do I just click on run?
  20. Thank you very much Juliet!
  21. Where do I go to update my Java?
  22. would the windows installer 3.1 help in any way?
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