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  1. If I've asked about this before, sorry for the repeat. There is verizon "help and support tool and verizon servicepoint 1.5.12" in my add/remove programs. I don't think I need them, can I remove both. Thanks
  2. Happen to notice windows imaging component in my add/remove programs. I think it came with a download I accidently downloaded. Can I remove this? Also noticed mccicmservice.exe in my task manager. Haven't noticed it before today, can this be removed or disabled, or do I need this? Thanks in advance
  3. I haven't used my hotmail account in a few years, would I still be affected. Don't know if I can even remember my passwrod...lol
  4. Thanks so much Tx, I do appreciate all the help. Just in case you missed my message on the other forum, I'm glad your daughter is getting better. Prayers to you and yours.
  5. according to pcpitstop scan, #'s are now: 938/112 57ms
  6. Sorry, I don't know what latency is. First off, what is it and is there a way of doing it
  7. Sorry badbob, I don't even know what that means, so I'm probably not running them.....
  8. did another test after unplugging modem. here's the results
  9. See, told ya, not too smart when it comes to the computer. Thank you again, will try now
  10. after re-reading your message, i'm assuming you're not talking about the switch on the back of the modem. You mean to actually "unplug" from outlet? should the modem be turned off on the back before unplugging?
  11. I assume you're talking about the verizon modem? Please excuse my lack of knowledge.
  12. Had a feeling it didn't look good. I really don't understand too much about upload and download speeds. What could be the problem in your opinion? Anyway, it's ok to remove that program and it's components, right? Thank you very much for the help.
  13. Thanks badbob, I finally figured how to run the test but now I don't know how to post it here
  14. This is the one I used, but didn't see anything that said test button, it said scan and then took me to another page that said download
  15. Forgot to answer your questions. I have verizon dsl and the speed I believe is 756. Sorry for the delay in answering
  16. Need some help here. I downloaded the speedtest, but I'm at the point where it says to clean junk files, privacy files, etc. the other ones say to apply tweaks. I have no idea what all this means. I just wanted to test my speed and didn't know there was all this to do. Sorry for the delay, been gone all weekend. I get extremely nervous with programs I know nothing about. Please, some help would be greatly appreciated....
  17. Gee, no one has an answer for me.......
  18. Hi - I just did an overdrive test and have a question about the internet download and internet upload. Usually the number for the upload is well over 100, but now it is only 54 kbits/sec. Is this normal? The download seems to be about the same as it has always been 739 kbits/sec. I'll post the results. Thanks in advance. http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=20974625
  19. Hey Zero, I think you'll have to start your own post.
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