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  1. Are you referring to the add/remove programs, if not, where do I find C:\Program Files? Sorry, not very smart with computers
  2. Thank you all for your help, I will let you know what happens. Is there any chance that I could remove avast and re-install?
  3. Still having problems and have no where else to ask, but thank you for replying
  4. I just updated my avast antivirus, version 10.3.2223 about 20 minutes ago. Since then, avast web shield is blocking web sites. I tried getting on the forum but it won't let me. It keeps popping up. Has anyone had a problem with the latest update? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. In response to this problem, it turns out I had a corrupt memory. The man I take my puter too replaced it and added more memory. The problem is fixed!!!!!!
  6. I'll go with that Joe, thank you very much for the help!!
  7. I have not, but if I go to the programs I have installed, Java is no where to be found
  8. I "removed" the old version from add/remove and was trying to install the new one
  9. Don't really think I need it, but not sure. I don't have the computer knowledge to know one way or the other....
  10. Hi Joe, I did remove the last version of java and was trying to update to the current one.
  11. I tried installing it again from the location you told me, and it wouldn't, same message came up as before. Thanks for your help, guess I'll just have to do without it. Is there anyway to correct a corrupt file?
  12. where is we have detected you may be viewing this page etc Caintry?
  13. It seems I can't install because I have a corrupt file. This is what it said : download file c:documents and settingsownerapplicationdatasunjavajre1.7.0_40-c.msi is corrupt. Is java necessary to run certain things or can I do without it or possibly try something else. Thanks
  14. Hi all - Before updating my java, should I remove the current one on my computer first then update? Thanks a lot
  15. Read your link, now I'm really confused......LOL not good with computers
  16. No, I don't use steam, don't even know what it is.....lol
  17. Thank you, I thought maybe it could have been malicious. Tried looking it up but didn't find anything. Thank you again!
  18. Hi all - Could someone please tell me what scoped dir is? Also, is it safe to type %temp% in the run box and then delete files from there. This is where I'm seeing the scoped dir, never saw them before. Thanks for any help.
  19. I do only have 1 computer, so I will follow what you suggested in the future. Thank you very much Tom.
  20. Hi Tom - Are you saying I should uninstall the current version I have, which is up to date, and then re-install? You said you download and run the latest offline installer, I have never done that before. Like I've said before I'm not very good with computers as a matter of fact, not at all. Everything has to be in layman terms for me. Thank you for the info Tom
  21. Hi Tom - I also have mine set to notify me before any download. You uninstall Java each time you have an update? What is the difference between running it offline or online when downloading?
  22. I removed the java fx and the problem is solved. Thank you guys!
  23. Hi Tom - I believe the java fx 2.1.1 downloaded when I did my update java 7 update 9
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