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  1. I have read where some people didn't have problems, but more did than didn't. Thank you for your reply.
  2. My automatic windows update has downloaded SP3 but I did not install it. I have heard so much negativity about it, that I don't want to install it at this time. I thought this was an option and not something that WU did automatically. Can someone please inform on this? Thank you
  3. I've never had nums cap on, should I, and why?
  4. For some reason, I'm able to get back in, thanks for your input
  5. I wouldn't care, but there are a couple folders I have that I don't want to lose. I hardly ever use it myself. I did send a message for help with signing in, just have to wait to hear from them. Could what I did earlier have anything to do with it? Ok Mark, thanks again. Lady
  6. It's me again!!! I tried logging into my hotmail account, and it seems I can't. Get this message.... The .NET Passport or Windows Live ID you are signed into is not supported. Please set up a free email account. Is there anything I can do? I have info in that account.
  7. Mark, I went with your instructions and all is well!!!! Finally got them installed. I can't thank you enuff for all your time and PATIENCE. Thanks again!!!!
  8. I actually found this in troubleshooter after I had written you When accessing the Update site, you receive the 0x800A01AE error.
  9. Hey Mark, I installed windows installer 3.1, downloaded windows updates, but now I can't install them. What now? Thanks
  10. I hope he doesn't want to charge me again...lol Where is duanesters post
  11. No, don't be sorry, it's probably me that's not too clear.....lol I am assuming I have SP2. I have been reading other forums where there seems to be a problem with downloading installer 3.1. If I can download this myself, why would my computer guy tell me to bring it in for him to do......hmmmm Have you heard of anyone having a prblem with this download?
  12. According to my computer guy, SP2 is still there. He told me to right click on "my computer" and it should say whether or not I have it. It does say it's on here, but my info had been transferred and it still has the old puter model number, does it mean SP2 is still active? Also, I can't seem to download windows installer 3.1, having a big problem with that. I am unable to download any updates cause I need this downloaded first. As you can probably tell. I am a real novice when it comes to computers. I appreciate your help. Thank you
  13. I recently had my info from an old computer downgraded onto another computer. I did not do this myself, but had someone else do it for me. When checking in my add/remove programs, I noticed that SP2 was not there. First, do I actually need this SP2, and if so, can I just download it? I REALLY don't want to go to SP3, too many problems from what I'm reading. Any help will be much appreciated. By the way, the person who did the downgrade for me, works on computers for a living. Thanks
  14. For the last 2 weeks, my antivirus has not performed it's weekly scheduled scan. When i click on help and support, I get a message that says: Norton Antivirus recommends that you refresh your IP settings. I just recently had a problem with my IP address disappearing and after 3 days, was finally instructed how to get it back. I guess what I'm asking is, is it safe to do what NAV is suggesting without encountering another IP problem, and what exactly does refreshing an IP address do? Thanks for any help
  15. I have a program that is running and don't know what it is or how to determine what it is. Can anyone help me. Thanks
  16. I have a friend that strongly reccommends firefox, but, like you, has IE as her default. Thank you very much for your help!!
  17. The only thing that I might be doing is, I might have a couple windows open and trying to close before one of them has closed. I have been told to download firefox because ie 6 is not very good
  18. As of late, I have been getting a LOT of messages where it says " IE6 has encountered a problem and needs to close." What on earth is going on with IE. I just had a problem with my ip address and wonder if that had anything to do with that problem. Thanks for any help.
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