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  1. when I go to the start up page, the screen is a little smaller than it should be. I had this problem once before and was able to correct it, but now I can't seem to fix it. I know it's an easy fix but can't remember how to do it. Thanks for any help

  2. I have an Asus computer running windows 10. A couple of days ago  I went to check for updates, it just kept running and running. I eventually just did a  shutdown on  the computer where turned the computer completely off. When I got back on the next day to check for updates again, had a response that said error encountered and the code for that is  0x800705b4. Not to computer savvy so the easier the fix, the happier I'll be. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  3. I know this isn't an important subject, but thought I would ask anyway. I have been trying to download pokerstars because I enjoy playing the game. I get as far as hitting download but it never really downloads. I've tried a few times, any suggestions? Thanks

  4. The last few days, everytime i try to do a google search it goes to my address bar and not the the one in the middle of the screen. Is there any way I get get it back to normal? I have no idea if I did something or not. Thanks for any help


    The steps to turn off web shield were in the link in post 5

    thank you geewhiz, I know how to turn it off. I just do that if I need to find something because it's blocking everything.


    Not to hijack the thread... but Microsoft stopped providing MSE for XP systems clear back last April. It will update if you already have it... but you cannot install it to a system.


    I kinda figured that, thanks

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