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  1. They haven't told me exactly when it happens. It's not only redirect it is pop-ups also This person says they usually go to news sites, like abc, nbc....etc and also tv shows. His knowledge of computers is even less than mine, and that's pretty bad. He does do searches, but mostly to satisfy a dispute between he and his mother. He just recently had his computer cleaned because of this same reason, which makes me think he might be going there.
  2. I have an aquaintance who tells me that they are being redirected to porn sites. I don't believe that this could happen unless you've already gone to the site. Could this be true? No, it's not me....
  3. Again, thank you, you guys are great!!!! I just noticed I had jusched still in my startup programs but not jqs. At least it isn't in my task manager! Should I disable it in the startup also. Char
  4. Thank you both for your responses. I was checking around and came up with this, if it is incorrect, please let me know. I went to Java control panel, clicked on update, and unticked "check for updates automatically" then went to the advanced tab under miscellaneous and unticked jqs. It definitely got rid of them in the task manager. If this is a problem, I'll need some input again. Thank you both again very much. Char
  5. Hi Everyone, Just a simple question. I've noticed in my task manager that there are 2 things relating to java, jusched.exe and jqs.exe. Do I need these to be there and if not, can they be disabled? Also, please show me where to go to disable them if that be the case. Thanks a lot!! Char
  6. Stayed there also, great rooms! Enjoy!!!
  7. I appreciate ALL the replys and will let my nephew know. Thank you everyone!
  8. Thanks Tx Redneck, I'll pass this along!
  9. Hi All, Could someone please give me some input as to whether or not this is a good antivirus & spyware? I'm asking for my nephew. Thanks in advance. Char
  10. I have an emachine. They are notorious for having bad power supplys. They use bestec, and from experience, when they go they take the mobo with it. When I transfered over my info from my old computer to another emachine, I had the guy change out the power supply. Hope I shed some light.
  11. thank you for that info, much appreciated!!
  12. You'll have to forgive me, as I am a
  13. Instead of hitting control+alt+delete to bring up task manager, I just right click in a blank spot in the tray bar. Isn't that the same thing?
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